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  • Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Definitely definitely not Donald Trump

    This has been in the news in the past few days and I've been meaning to write something about this but the Chinese New Year doggy came and ... well.... everything slowed to a stop.

    , Donald Trump is suing the author of Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald for $5 billion all because the author (Timothy O'Brien) alleged in his book that Donald Trump is 'not remotely close to being a billionaire'.Instead, Timothy O'Brien gathers that Donald Trump's networth is somewhere between $150 to $250 million, hence implying that Donald Trump is a multi millionaire as opposed to the billionaire that he claims he is.

    I remember that in one of the earlier Apprentice episodes that I've watched, Donald Trump claimed that he is worth $4 billion (although Forbes puts him at only $2.6 billion). Nevertheless, from the low estimate of $2.6 billion to $150-$250 million... is quite a big difference isn't it?
    But this new saga teaches us all a lesson... you can call Donald Trump anything you want, you can call him a cibai kia, a small lan chiaw kia... or you can even diss him for how he tries to make himself look like God on his TV show The Apprentice, but don't you ever ever call him a millionaire or he will fuk you over like a bitch. How much do I think Donald Trump is worth? I don't know... I really doubt that he is NOT a billionaire given that Forbes put him as $2.6 billion. The only thing that comes to my mind of how Donald Trump is NOT a billionaire is.... if he has a LOT of personal debt... but who would know that but himself... I know I don't...

    What do I think will happen?

    My guess is, after throwing enough weight around and getting enough media attention, the both of them will 'settle' the issue out of court and we will never know for sure if Donald Trump really is a billionaire or not. We're just gonna have to trust him.

    Once again,
    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

    Remember ladies, "
    doggy-style" is the position to go for this year.

    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Strip Russian Roulette

    I was surfing around the internet and I happened to find this clip. I thought it was really funny... enjoy...

    PS: This is a game you will never have me play... NEVER YA HEAR ME... NEVA!!!!!

    Just press "Play".

    As seen on Break.com

    Sunday, January 29, 2006

    Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!

    Both of us behind Leng Mou? would like to wish all of our readers : Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!

    It seems that everything seems to have slowed down come Chinese New Year, even the blog world. Blogs I normally visit have not been updating... and even visits have dropped. Yesterday Leng Mou? dropped to as low as about 50 visits. But its all good...

    Chinese New Year should be spent with family and friends... not in front of the computer reading blogs :)

    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    UCL Students do it 24/7

    So, I was walking for my painfully early 9am class this morning when I came across this little banner hung outside our student union.
    It looks like I've been missing out on quite a lot. Someone please notify my girlfriend bout this so she knows how deprived her UCL boyfriend is.

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    When you're travelling and you forget your towel..

    Ahh.. the TOWEL. Many of us never realize how important this one 'piece of cloth' is... until something like that happens to you...

    Picture this. You've decided to go travelling to some foreign country with your friends. All goes well until you check into your hotel.

    Note that when I say hotel, I don't mean this kind of hotel that supplies everything from towels to guns to viagra.

    I mean hotels like this that the rest of us poor students would stay in.

    You then realize that you forgot to bring your bath towel and the cheap hotel most definately doesn't supply anything close to even a floor rug. To make things worse, your friends refuse to share their towels with you keeping to their "ONE TOWEL ONE KOTEK" policy.

    So how do you dry yourself after a shower?

    Method 1

    You could pray your cheap hotel room has a hair dryer...

    or at least a hand dryer...

    how you use it is self-explanatory... just don't burn the kotek...

    Method 2 You could shake yourself off like a dog and wait in the toilet until all the water on your body dries. (Note: When I say "shake yourself off" I mean it literally.. I don't mean ta fei kei... or like they say in the UK, slap the pony)

    I wouldn't personally recommended it since many skin diseases can be caused because of this.

    Method 3

    This is the safest and most practical of all.... When all else fails... use toilet paper.

    You can take it off piece by piece and wipe yourself with it just like how you would use it to wipe your ass.

    Or if you're a little more fun-going... then wrap yourself up limb my limb with toilet paper and roll around the floor. Either ways... you will be very dry...

    And if your friend goes into the toilet after you and shouts


    You look innocent and say...

    "Ya lar diuu.. lousy hotel.. at first towel dun have... now toilet paper also dun have... just use your shirt lar!"

    Method 4

    But even if that fails (as in.. your hotel memang so lousy until no toilet paper)... then grab a plastic bag like this

    and wrap your kotek with it (with the help of a rubber band).

    Then go ask your friend if you could borrow his towel... promising him that you won't get your kotek wet and hence won't need to wipe your kotek on his precious little virgin towel.

    If necessary, prove to him that your plastic-wrapped kotek is 100% waterproof by spraying some water in it or dipping it in the toilet bowl and flushing.

    Once he's convinced and agrees, take a long relaxing shower. Then after you wipe yourself dry... take a dump on his towel to get him back for making you risk suffocating your precious kotek (with that stupid plastic bag) in the first place.

    This post is dedicated to all the cibais that deprived me of a towel!

    I love my towell.. oooh yess I lurrrve my towel...

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Watching movies like a true economist

    I study Economics at UCL which apparently houses one of the top Economics department in the UK. But in spite of that, I recently realized that I haven't been thinking like the truth economist that I was trained to be. For example, lets start with watching movies. When you go watch a movie there are Fixed Costs and there are Variable Costs.

    Fixed Costs are fixed at a certain amount and not dependant on the number of movies you watch such as the bus ticket to the cinema and the travelling time (since time = money).

    Variable costs on the other hand increase the more you watch movies e.g. buying more movie tickets, buying more popcorn/coke or buying tissue paper if you're watching a porn movie.

    How would a true economist act? Assuming that watching more movies gives you more satisfaction, he would watch as many movies as possible for a given fixed cost right? In simple English it means... when he goes to the cinema.. he would watch as many movies as possible in one day.

    So that's what I decided to do one day with a fellow UCL economist friend of mine Alina (who is btw the nicest girl anyone would ever meet). We watched 3 movies at Vue (by far my favourite cinema in London): Brokeback Mountain, Just Friends and Underworld: Evolution (the earliest starting at 2.40pm and the latest ending at 11.15pm).

    When we went in for the first movie (Brokeback Mountain), Alina was happy .. happy happy happy... look at that smile on her face in the bus on the way there.

    and even before she starts the first movie.

    Note: She insists I mention that I was the greedy fuk who wanted to buy the big bucket of popcorn and not her.

    3 hours later, she came out still with a happy face

    and we went on to our 2nd movie. Just Friends. This time we decided that we've had enough of popcorn.. so we went for candy!!!

    she was a little less happy after the second movie

    So finally, we both went for our final movie... this time we were so sick of popcorn/candy.. all we had was mineral water. I couldn't be bothered to take the angry picture of Alina leaving our 3rd movie because I was tired... and I was also scared (and it didn't help that Underworld:Evolution was a meaningless movie).
    But I suppose this picture I took of Alina on the bus on the way home...explains how we felt after our little Economist Movie Marathon.
    Maybe its not worth being 'efficient economists' after all.

    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Addictive Football Game

    If you're all wondering why I haven't been updating for a while... it's because I've been addicted to this stupid football game I found on my friend's newly started football blog.

    Being an actual professional football player playing for clubs like Millwall and Wimbledon, I think there could be a thing or two we can learn about football from him or his blog.

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    So you think you can eat sambal......

    Well you and me who loves sambal as part of our staple diet are considered "baby" chilli eaters. Guess who can claim this title and if so, exactly which chilli did they eat to train themselves? OK, let's embark on a journey from our homeland Malaysia. Stretching from south to north, Boss Lepton can safely claim that as you proceed higher up north, the chilli index of the population gradually increases. Er....... Singaporeans beh tahan 1 la......... While one may be able to boast that he/she can eat lots of chilli, there is another hypothesis that Boss Lepton came up which might make you think twice the next time you boast. Let's do a little bit of hypothesis testing:

    H0 : Poor people are massive chilli eater
    H1: Poor people are not massive chilli eater

    Before we start on the testing, here's an example:
    Northen Malaysia - farmers - chilli eater
    Singaporeans - office workers - ketchup eater
    Southwest China - Sze Chuan, Guizhou - MASSIVE CHILLI EATER

    Japanese - rich - takes wasabi(if you call that spicy, you're really MILD)

    To test this model, let's first observe the few countries we take into account.

    World ranking by GDP per capita 2004
    33 South Korea 21,419
    62 Malaysia 10,423
    66 Mexico 9,666
    72 Thailand 7,901
    125 India 3,080
    The above countries are to the extent of my knowledge, chilli eaters. South Korea with their famous Kimchi. So how spicy is kimchi? Judging using Boss Lepton's tongue, kimchi is mild. Well at least the ones I get from the supermarket is. They are however reputable to be chilli eater on general. So South Korean - quite well-off - not too hot.

    Malaysia with our famous sambal belacan. Well, the chilli that is reputable to be the spiciest, or at least what we are thought to be since young is the "chilli padi". Come to think of it, it is not to say a bad statement to say that Malaysians import most of their chillis from neighbouring countires like China or Thailand. Generally, Boss Lepton can take a teaspoon full of sambal belacan, made from chilli padi, for each tablespoon full or rice. Can you?
    Comparing kimchi to sambal belacan, Boss Lepton says Sambal Belacan spicier, agree not?
    Now we go to Mexico. Introducing japapenos. Not too spicy, definitely not as spicy as our chilli padi. Used extensively in Salsa sauces

    Coming back to Thailand, the fact is that eating chilli gives thai people a slim body. I can't imagine a Thai having constipation. Every meal they eat is chilli + some other spice. Take Boss Lepton's favourite Tomyam for example. Having Tomyam in Thailand and in Malaysia is like eating Ben n Jerry's ice cream vs Tesco Value ice cream. There's no comparison in terms of
    heat, spiciness and yumness. Although I have to say that the level of heat is on par with Malaysian chillis. More on this later.

    Lastly, the Indians with their curries. Indian curries are more flavour than heat, or maybe I should say British Indian dishes. Boss Lepton has never been to India to try their red hot chilli, but I should assume that they use the same types of chilli as Malaysians and Thais that is the birdseye variety. Rating of birdseye(chilli padi), very hot.

    Therefore, the hypothesis seems to be correct to a certain point, minus the africas which I didn't have time to study about. However, saying this does make a lot of senses. The association between use of chillis and wealth status seems quite plausible, poor people tend to store their food for a longer period of time(rather than demanding fresh food), by applying the correct amount of chilli and spices, it will be sufficient to cover up the taste of, say, stale meat.

    What Boss Lepton found after some research(just a search on google) is more astonishing, check it out.

    To test how hot a pepper(all belonging to genus Capsicum) is we use the Scoville scale on which if you take the regular Bell Pepper a.k.a. "Capsicum" we have on our pizzas etc, well you are mild. It's 0 Scoville units.
    And everybody knows that Boss Lepton don't take mild. I demand only the hottest, and I thought that Tabasco Sauce was quite hot.

    Chilli padi is also very hot and is of the species Serranos. And it's ratings are 20,000 Scoville units compared to Tabasco's 50,000 units. That's 5 times higher than the regular jalapenos, something we Malaysians and Thais can cheer about. Yea, we beat those mexicans yea.

    If you're about to celebrate, hold your celebrations, for Boss Lepton has another amazing find.

    Introducing your friendly, mouth-watering(with saliva to cool down the heat), tongue-numbing Red Savina Habanero chilli. Wooo, a lick on this pepper and you will find that it's hot until the point your tongue turns numb and everything you put into your mouth tastes sour. No joke, if they say it's hotter than a Scotch Bonnet then it's really hot. Boss Lepton has tried Scotch Bonnet and it sure is HOT, 1 lick kau tim.

    On a check on its Scoville rating, Wikipedia returns 350,000 - 580,000. That's the hottest chilli ever recorded....... almost 30 times the heat of your regular chilli padi. Who the hell eats these? They must be a freak and has like BIG SWOLLEN LIPS. Naturally.......

    So girls, if you wanna have big, sexy, kissable lips, you know what to get the next time you shop for grocery.

    Alternatively, Boss Lepton has found the ultimate solution for you if you don't wanna endure the pain of biting chilli. Embrace the father of all chillis.

    It's called the 16 Million Reserve. And how it arrives at that? Well easy, it's 16 million Scoville units. If you're really bad at numbers, it's 16,000,000 Scoville units. That's 6 zeros, and simple calculation 16,000,000/580,000 = 27.6. 27.6 HOTTER than the HOTTEST chilli ever. It's just pure capsaicin, the chemical that makes chilli hot. You can get it from extremefood.com. Buyers have to sign a disclaimer warning that any handling "must be under a controlled environment using protective gloves and safety eye wear".

    Quotes about this
    "This chilli is so hot, you'd have to drink 250,000 gallons of water just to put out the fire"
    By James Langton in New York

    Gosh, this is so gonna be on my birthday wishlist. Note that down!!!!! 1 drop on your lips, int othe hospital you go.

    The next time Boss Lepton use this chilli to make sambal belacan, I wanna dare Boss Stewie to try it. It'll not only hurt when you LICK, it hurts when you EAT, it hurts when you SHIT, it hurts when you PEE, it hurts the hell most when you TA FEI KEI(masturbate) and EJACULATE!!! (a.k.a. LESPME)

    Try imagining
    Mai Hagiwara when she's giving some 16-million-reserve-eater a blowjob. She'll go,"Ahhh, kimochi, kimochi, so yummy..............Y SO HOT!?!?!!??!! KNNCCB!!!!!" I tell you, Mai Hagiwara will also get LESPME. And that goes on and on coz then the guy would lick........ and some girl will suck again........ vicious cycle :D

    p.s. chilli is my life

    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Saya Sebatang Kotek: Readers Edition

    Ok... we have received enough versions of our readers' "Saya Sebatang Kotek" in our mailbox. The initial plan was for me to pick one to put up. But I feel bad for wasting the efforts of some of the writers, so I decided to put two up instead.

    Please be warned that the following is

    But I'm sure none of you would care anyway. If you were a 9-year old kid surfing on the computer when your parents are not home and you 'accidentally' come across this site.

    You would click the link furthest to the bottom wouldn't you? And then when you finally get into the site and see the things you want to see... you get all excited

    Ah yes... we've all been there, so its useless trying to warn people.

    Anyway, here is the first one by Yuin.

    Pada suatu hari, aku terpaksa menemani tuan aku ke hospital. Mahu tak mahu, kenalah ikut dia, ape nak buat, die satu satunya kawan yang boleh pujuk sampai aku kembang. Sesampainya di hospital tuan aku disuruh oleh jururawat cantik untuk tunggu sebentar. Aku mula kembang sedikit sebab jururawat tu asyik pandang aku dan tersenyum sipi saja.

    Tapi, harapan ku untuk bermesra kawan baik jururawat hancur apabila aku menjeling ke kiri.
    Walaupun konek budak kecil yang terbaring keletihan atas katil itu ditutupi dengan sarung yang digantung tinggi aku ketakutan mendengar konek budak itu dalam keadaan parah mengerang kesakitan.

    Terus aku kecut macam kurma kering. aku makin gerun hingga hendak muntah kuning akibat ketakutan. Tuan aku pun tercari cari tandas sambil memegang leher aku. Sedang aku muntah kuning dalam mangkuk besar, tetiba terdengar bunyi jururawat tadi dalam tandas. tuan aku pun memasukkan balik aku dalam sangkar aku lalu keluar dan terserempak dengan jururawat itu sedang menolak seorang lelaki tua dalam kerusi roda dalam tandas. Lelaki tua itu kelihatan seperti cacat dan tidak sedar diri.

    Dengan tiba tiba jururawat itu terus tutup dan kunci pintu lalu mengesel gesel badannya kat tuan aku. Busuk gila bau kawan baik jururawat itu. Macam ikan kering. Namun setiap kali jururawat itu mengosok gosok dan memuji aku, aku semakin kembang. Tanpa disedari jururawat itu membebaskan aku daripada sangkar aku yang sesak dan sempit lalu memasukkan aku dalam mulutnya. Pukimak. Lagi busuk daripada kawan baiknya.Macam 13 tahun tak gosok gigi.

    Mulutnya yang ketat itu dan pergerakkan atas bawahnya menyebabkan aku sesak nafas. Tuan aku pun kelihatan tercungap cungap. Walaupun aku cuba menahan nafas aku selama yang mungkin tapi apa dayaku. Aku terus muntah dalam mulut jururawat tu tanpa henti. Kerana penat sangat akku pun tak terdaya terus kembang dan tunduk merehatkan diri. Jururawat itu pun berkata, 'ape kata kau jumpa kawan baik aku, lepas kau sunat nanti kena rehat lama baru boleh jumpa kawan baru'. Sunat? Tidak!

    If you liked that.. visit his blog at http://yikyuin.blogspot.com/

    The next one is one making fun of Boss Stewie. But Boss Stewie can take a joke.. so here it is.

    Tragedi Kotek Boss Stewie

    Boss Stewie seorang yang amat spesial kerana dia mempunyai kotek berwarna hitam. Bukan itu sahaja, panjang koteknya adalah amat luar biasa dan semua perempuan akan terus menjadi basah apabila diberitahu panjang koteknya. Ini adalah kerana kotek Boss Stewie adalah sepanjang 15 inchi tanpa surgeri plastik! Amboi, besarnya sekali kan! Kotek datukmu pun tidak sebesar itu!

    Pada masa lapangnya di sekolah, dia akan menunjuk-nunjukkannya kepada rakan sebaya lelakinya dan membuat mereka berasa cemburu. Malangnya, kawan laki Boss Stewie tidak dapat membuat apa-apa tentangnya kerana itulah takdir tuhan. Mereka hanya dapat mengimpikan bahawa kotek mereka adalah sebesar kotek Boss Stewie.

    Tetapi, pada suatu hari, nasib mula berubah. Impian kawan laki Boss Stewie sudah dijawab oleh tuhan apabila terdapat seorang perempuan yang bernama June (Saya!) yang ter.. urm.. terjumpa laman web Boss Stewie dan didapati bahawa Boss Stewie mempunya kaki yang botak... dan bila kakinya botak.. pastilah koteknya botak juga. Aduhai, rahsia Boss Stewie pun telah dibocor. Boss Stewie berasa amat sedih lalu koteknya menyusut tinggal 5cm sahaja.

    Itulah tragedi kotek hitam Boss Stewie yang berinchi 15 inchi...

    And if you liked that.. visit the Mai Hagiwara hater at http://justanothertragedy.blogspot.com/

    Sunday, January 22, 2006

    Just when you thought blogging has past its peak... there came SpyMy

    I have just recently discovered SpyMy the new blog aggregator that everyone is very hyped out about. Picture this...

    You think of a real funny idea for a blog entry, you spend hours photoshopping it and even more hours typing it out to make it sound funny as hell. Then you proudly post it online and ping it at your usual blog aggregators like Blogs Malaysia. You go make yourself a cup of coffee

    slowly drink it and come back 2 hours later to see your visits and see that a pathetic 20 people visit your blog and see your hard work. You're disappointed but you go back to the blog aggregator to see whether your post is still there.. there could still be hope. But no! It's gone! Fallen victim to other bloggers' posts and annoying double/triple pingers.

    You emulate King Kong for 1 minute and scream
    " DIUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LORRRrrrr!!!!"Once you're done expressing your anger, you think of pinging it again on the blog aggregator. But you decided that you're not a "short-dicked multiple pinger". So you comfort yourself and give your kote a treat by watching some good quality Japanese Porn and end your night.

    But now you won't have to go through all that... and just like what TMNet would say, you can now.. "SAY NO TO PORN"

    All thanks to SpyMy which now ensures that if your post is good.. it will stay up there for a looong time!!! So turn off the porn, slowly take your hand off the kote and pay a visit to SpyMy.

    Yes... Mai Hagiwara is hot... I know...

    Saturday, January 21, 2006

    A Quick Kotek Reminder

    Ok, I have been getting e-mails from people writing in their own version of "Saya Sebatang Kotek" to be selected and posted up some time in the next few days. So if you want to see whether your version of "Kotek" would win... send them quickly to lengmoublog@yahoo.com

    And it doesn't matter if you have bad Malay like me.. or it is lame .. or anything... THIS IS LENG MOU? WE LOVE LAME!!!

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Scarlett Johansson's Boob-Squeeze

    Everyone has been talking about Scarlett's "Boob-squeeze" at the recent Golden Globe Awards. While Scarlett was on the red carpet, some fashion designer (supposedly gay) happen to come up to her and squeeze the bottom of her left boob. In his defence, he was apparently trying to feel her 'underwire'... but we can all see that's not the only thing he got.
    All Scarlett did was laugh about it and let him 'molest' the lights out of her in front of a million other guys who were wanking at the opportunity. And what some people say... is that its alright.. because he was gay.

    This little 'performance' led widespread outcry not only from the crowd of Scarlett fans but even from the TV Presenter
    and Scarlett's notable right boob.
    But what really cracked me up wasn't the video I saw or the post I read on "The Superficial". It was the comments that some of the people there made in response to this little 'boob-squeeze'.

    I picked out a few here:

    "Please tell me that she cockpunched him after this shot was taken."- Miz Stressa

    "Im going to pay someone to cut off that dudes hand, so I can sniff it everyday."-Captain Awesome

    "And the world wonders why women are treated like "tits on legs"." - Captain_Pugwash

    But my favourite is what this dude said

    "If sucking cock is all I got to do to be allowed to grab on the tits of some of the most beautiful women in the world, I'm buying kneepads today."

    and he went on to say

    "But just one cock- I'm not gay or anything like that."- PapaHotNuts

    Sometimes... the funniest people are not bloggers but instead their readers... lets hear it for blog readers!!! Woohooo!

    Koteh, Kotek or Kote?

    I've had mixed responses on the essay I wrote a couple of days ago entitled "Saya Sebatang Kotek". One of my readers droolman! commented that it wasn't spelt Kotek but instead Koteh. So I went around asking a few of my friends, and those who did know suggested that it was neither Kotek or Koteh but rather Kote.
    Whether its Kote, Kotek or Koteh... I honestly don't know... and judging by the standard of my Karangan, I am hardly the person to ask. So in the mean time, I'll stick to Kote since most people have come back saying thats the way to spell it!

    I have also had some people request that I write a Part II to "
    Saya Sebatang Kotek" and finish the story. One of my readers; Adrian who happens to also be a personal friend of mine and known to do stupid things like taking a shit in an elevator also made his own suggestions.

    Under comments for the previous post, Adrian wrote his own ending to "Saya Sebatang Kotek". So, rather than let his efforts go to waste, I decided to share it with everybody.

    Walaubagaimanapun, pada satu hari, dia keluarkan saya di depan satu gua gelap. aku tidak beberapa suka situasi itu tetapi dia melembutkan leher aku dengan sentuhan kuku jari dia. tiba-tiba, gua it kena rusuk hantu! dia mempunyai dua batang leher and dua biji kepala! kepala it pelik sekali kerana rambutnya macam lima batang jari kaki! ok dan ini berlaku: Gua kena rusuk itu menggunakan kepala mereka untuk bunuh aku!

    mereka cuba memotong saluran oksigen aki dengan memicit saya dengan kuat! aku hendak "duduk" pun tak boleh kerana kaki terajang! Tetapi, nasib baik dia perlahan sikit kerana tuan saya menjerit kesakitan.aku hampir termuntah tetapi tuan saya menyelamatkan nyawa saya dengan melarikan diri dari gua rusuk itu. pelik sekali, dia masih menyentuh saya seperti hendak memanaskan saya.

    TIBA-TIBA tuan saya mendekati gua itu lalu memasukkan saya ke dalam gua itu!Taat dan kesetiaan saya pada tuan saya hilang sekelip mata. aku ketakutan apabila dalam gua itu, menunggu apa-apa yang akan terjadi pada saya. aku tidak takut dibunuh. tanpa penyediaan, badan saya digosok pada dinding gua itu! gua itu busuk sekali dan amat kering lagi ketat! tapi perasaan berubah apabila gris magik mengalir pada dinding dari siling rumah. aku rasa pada masa itu, hantu dari gua itu sudah merusuk tuan saya kerana tuan saya terjadi gila dan memasukkan saya dalam Simple Harmonic Motion pada 1000rpm. lepas beberapa jam, tuan saya masih bertenaga dan gua sudah dibanjiri dengan air merah! air merah itu tertumpah keluar dari dinding pecah.

    aku terasa pening lalu memuntah. aku mengotori baju cantik saya. aku amat kasihan sekali. tetapi hantu dalam tuan saya sudah terbang pergi. tuan saya melepasi saya dari gua gila itu, menanggal baju cantik saya dan mencampakinya. aku tidak kisah kerana baju itu bau coklat dan aku tidak suka coklat.

    Also, given my embarrasing poor standard of Malay, I decided that I shouldn't write a Part II. Nevertheless, I'll open it up to any of my dear readers who want to finish it. Just continue the story however short or long you want it and e-mail it to me at lengmoublog@yahoo.com.

    I will pick the best one and post it up here for everyone else to awe at your talent! :)

    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Culture of War? War it IS!!

    Boss Lepton attended a talk about corruption today. The talk was crap, but it inspired Boss Lepton to write this post. The talk is about corruption, but somehow they brought in this guy who talks about United Nation's Culture of Peace declaration. It's somewhat similar to the declaration of Human Rights but as the name says, it's about peace.

    To talk about Culture of Peace, people must identify what is the problems faced and what needs to be improved. Therefore, people must identify the Culture of War 1st. It is identified that certain criterias are the key to shaping the Culture of War and Boss Lepton will explain them shortly. However, Boss Lepton found out that the classification for the Culture of War might be misleading as even if something fills the criterias, it doesn't necessarily have to be Culture of War.

    Let Boss Lepton explain, Culture of War requires:

    1. Armaments

    Definition - The weapons and supplies of war with which a military unit is equipped.

    2. A society in which people follow orders

    3. A belief that power can be maintained through violence

    4. control of information (secrecy, propaganda)

    5. Enemy

    I would rather not show the enemy due to its vulgarity. But Boss Lepton is very kind to provide a link to anybody who still doesn't know where this is heading.

    Check it out HERE.

    6. Profitability

    Oh yes, definitely, like
    • stimulate the immune system to help build up resistance to common infections
    • helps you to fall asleep
    • promotes release of the brain's opioid-like neurotransmitters (endorphins), which cause feelings of physical and mental wellbeing
    • Reduces stress
    • Enhances self esteem
    • ....................... TOO MANY!!!!!
    7. Male Domination

    Females do it too, but I would say that almost all males do it, am I wrong?

    8. Education for war

    Err............. internet? Type "stroking" and click "images" with safesearch off, you'll see a few pop up on your screen already.

    There, the classifications all match. If you classify this as Culture of War, I would RALLY for war. Hell YEA!!!! MAKE WAR!!!! and LOVE!!!!

    p.s. Anybody who wants to see Boss Stewie at WAR please post "YEA BABY" in the comments.

    I'm so sad, So i'll post 1st

    YEA BABY!!!!

    (kidding, I can watch my own war)