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  • Sunday, January 22, 2006

    Just when you thought blogging has past its peak... there came SpyMy

    I have just recently discovered SpyMy the new blog aggregator that everyone is very hyped out about. Picture this...

    You think of a real funny idea for a blog entry, you spend hours photoshopping it and even more hours typing it out to make it sound funny as hell. Then you proudly post it online and ping it at your usual blog aggregators like Blogs Malaysia. You go make yourself a cup of coffee

    slowly drink it and come back 2 hours later to see your visits and see that a pathetic 20 people visit your blog and see your hard work. You're disappointed but you go back to the blog aggregator to see whether your post is still there.. there could still be hope. But no! It's gone! Fallen victim to other bloggers' posts and annoying double/triple pingers.

    You emulate King Kong for 1 minute and scream
    " DIUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LORRRrrrr!!!!"Once you're done expressing your anger, you think of pinging it again on the blog aggregator. But you decided that you're not a "short-dicked multiple pinger". So you comfort yourself and give your kote a treat by watching some good quality Japanese Porn and end your night.

    But now you won't have to go through all that... and just like what TMNet would say, you can now.. "SAY NO TO PORN"

    All thanks to SpyMy which now ensures that if your post is good.. it will stay up there for a looong time!!! So turn off the porn, slowly take your hand off the kote and pay a visit to SpyMy.

    Yes... Mai Hagiwara is hot... I know...


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