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  • Friday, January 20, 2006

    Scarlett Johansson's Boob-Squeeze

    Everyone has been talking about Scarlett's "Boob-squeeze" at the recent Golden Globe Awards. While Scarlett was on the red carpet, some fashion designer (supposedly gay) happen to come up to her and squeeze the bottom of her left boob. In his defence, he was apparently trying to feel her 'underwire'... but we can all see that's not the only thing he got.
    All Scarlett did was laugh about it and let him 'molest' the lights out of her in front of a million other guys who were wanking at the opportunity. And what some people say... is that its alright.. because he was gay.

    This little 'performance' led widespread outcry not only from the crowd of Scarlett fans but even from the TV Presenter
    and Scarlett's notable right boob.
    But what really cracked me up wasn't the video I saw or the post I read on "The Superficial". It was the comments that some of the people there made in response to this little 'boob-squeeze'.

    I picked out a few here:

    "Please tell me that she cockpunched him after this shot was taken."- Miz Stressa

    "Im going to pay someone to cut off that dudes hand, so I can sniff it everyday."-Captain Awesome

    "And the world wonders why women are treated like "tits on legs"." - Captain_Pugwash

    But my favourite is what this dude said

    "If sucking cock is all I got to do to be allowed to grab on the tits of some of the most beautiful women in the world, I'm buying kneepads today."

    and he went on to say

    "But just one cock- I'm not gay or anything like that."- PapaHotNuts

    Sometimes... the funniest people are not bloggers but instead their readers... lets hear it for blog readers!!! Woohooo!


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