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  • Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Skiing 101

    As many may know, Boss Lepton went skiing on the French Alps in December. What many may not know is that Boss Lepton is a hopeless photographer and one with no balls. We'll discuss the no balls part in a minute. Right now, let's just enjoy some of the photos I took.

    This is 1 of the earlier pics I took. Think it was the first day. Uneventful la.....I did however manage to note which direction to the hospital is, come on things are unpredictable.
    The sceneries nice leh.

    Up to this point, the only thing that we all learnt was the "snow plough" which basically is

    Well, don't understand? The pizza shape is when you're trying to slow yourself down while the french fries when you need to gather speed. So to control speed, repeat after me...

    Pizza...... French Fries...... Pizza....... French Fries........ Pizza........ French Fries......

    Yes boss yes...... Please for the next 2 months of yr life, every night before you sleep, repeat this in your mind. Why? We're going skiing TOGETHER in easter!!! Leng MOU???

    See how fun this can be? We can ski down from the top then stop at a place like this for a picnic lunch break. The green arrows above shows the way to the bottom, boss, can picture yourself in my position looking that way? I can't even see where I'm heading, but it sure was fun.
    Things sure became eventful at the last day. It was the last run of the last day. My gf was heading down this slope, she just went straight into the netting from the top. If it wasn't for the nettings she would've went off and down that scary looking off-piste slope.

    Lessons learnt:
    1. Snow Plough SUCKS!!!
    2. Speed is the key.
    3. I love speed.

    p.s. Boss please consider going skiing during easter, although I've checked n it looks quite expensive :D


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