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  • Saturday, January 07, 2006

    What's Wrong With My Penang Friends?!?!?

    In the past I have had friends from all over the world visit me in Penang. I take them all around the island going to the right places to eat and the hippest places to party. But at the end of the day, rather than hear comments about the sights and sounds of Penang, I instead hear comments about my friends in Penang.

    For some reason, everyone is of opinion that my friends in Penang, are the complete opposite of my friends everywhere else in the world. We supposedly go clubbing too often... we supposedly waste too much time sitting around drinking away to burn our liver....and we are supposedly too open about sex. But I disagree! The group of us Penangnites are very well-behaved citizens. Take a look at my two friends Ivan (left) and Nelson (right) whom I haven't seen in a while but are by far among the most well -behaved and proper Penangnites in our group.
    Now tell me... what is it about them that isn't 'normal'?


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