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  • Sunday, January 01, 2006

    My Horrible HORRIBLE New Year Surprise

    Unlike many other people my age, my New Years are never spent in street parties with fireworks like this

    Instead, it has always been a family tradition for all 'the kids' in the family to spend time with their parents at their 'grown-up' parties. 20 years down the line, 'the kids' are all old enough to drive and get married... but we still stick to tradition.

    The party we went to this year was a black tie event. Meaning, formal all the way. The men were expected to wear nothing less than a tuxedo (that means even a suit and tie won't do). Even the waiters at the party were dressed in tuxedos.

    The women put on their best looking evening gowns and jewellery that they buy to wear only once a year in events like these.

    I must give credit that the entrance to the party was... impressive. The party organizers had beautifully designed the entrance to look like you were walking through a tunnel of flowers to get to the dining hall where the party was held.
    This photo I took,somehow doesn't seem to justify how beautiful it actually looked cuz I am after all, an amateur digicammer and the lightings made it hard to take a decent photo.

    When I got seated at our table in the dining hall, I took a quick look around at the people around me. There they were, people mostly in their 40s and 50s, dressed to their best and engaging in polite intellectual-looking conversation.

    No miniskirts, no tube tops, no beer (just wine).... I knew I was in for one hell of a boring party.

    But at least my Australian Tenderloin steak was decent.

    So this is when the surprise comes in.

    I was chewing on my steak until some Pondans dressed in catskin costumes came up and started dancing right in front of me. I started to choke partly from the shock but mostly from the HORROR. The people around me spent the next 30 seconds trying to get me to spit out my steak.
    By the time I recovered, the catskin women (or men) had gone and were replaced by men (or women) dressed in Korean costumes dancing around with fans.What an UNPLEASANT COINSIDENCE. Just the night before I was partying in a club that had a Pondan show and now, I was at a black tie formal dinner... and there I was standing 5 feet away from ANOTHER PONDAN SHOW.


    I have nothing at all against Pondans just like I have nothing against gays/lesbians. It's all up to people how they want to live their lives but THERE IS A PLACE FOR PONDAN SHOWS... AND IT IS NOT IN CLUBS OR FORMAL DINNERS.

    Anyway.. the rest of the night proved better to me. After the initial cha cha and waltz numbers, some 80s music came on and everyone rushed to the dance floor at danced just like in a club.

    Yes, there was no Fatman Scoop, no Dr. Dre's Next Episode, no Black Eyed Peas, but I would rather dance to "PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY" than to "OOOOOOOHHHH PLEEEEAASSEE STAYYYY BY MEEE.. DIAAANA..

    So Happy New Year everyone.

    If you had sex 365 times this year and kept all the condoms. Melt them to make a tyre and you can actually call it "GOOD YEAR". I don't know about everyone else, but I think I missed the 365 mark by quite a bit. So for those of you who made it... do send me a picture of your "Good Year".


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