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  • Friday, December 30, 2005

    Rich Boys' Toys

    Last night, I was at another rich friend's party back here in Penang. Upon arrival at the party, it wasn't difficult to see that the kids attending the party were... not poor.

    Among the Mercs and BMWs, parked inside and outside the house were... an Evo VIII

    a new Golf GTI...

    and many other cars that most of us... will never be able to afford :(

    But what really caught my attention wasn't the cars of the guests, but the home of the host. Inside the modern-looking house (I mean palace), there were 3 fish ponds filled with Japanese Koi.

    When I say Japanese Koi... I LITERALLY mean Japanese Koi. Each and every one of those fish were imported all the way from Japan and are worth from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Ringgit EACH.
    I stood by the ponds for almost an hour, watching the fish that cost more than my home. It dawned on me that when someone's fish cost more than your home, you know that you are either

    a) a very poor man
    b) or in the home of a very very rich man

    In my case... it was both.

    If their price tags weren't impressive enough. The fish could also do little tricks!!!
    We were taught to hold food in our hand and put our hands in the water. Almost instantly, the fish would all come in a horde to eat right off your hand.

    It is amazing what rich fish can do. It won't be long before we can tell them to Sit, Roll over, Play Dead... or bite the fellas ballz off!

    Finally, to make the party even more amazing. I had the best chocolate cheesecake ever in my life, personally imported by my friend from California.

    This cake may look like any other cake from Secret Recipe or Coffee Bean, but do NOT be deceived. It is made with Godiva chocolates and costs a whopping USD60-70

    So the next time you are in California... pay a visit to...
    *sigh*... how nice it would be... to have money...


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