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  • Monday, December 19, 2005

    Girl Of The Week: Jolin Tsai

    This week's girl of the week has got to be no one else but the lovely Taiwanese Jolin Tsai.

    I was not one to have always loved Jolin. I thought some of her earlier hits like 你还爱我吗?(ni hai ai wo ma) were overated. But I grew to like her after hearing some of her later songs. It also helps that she had not too long ago broken up with Jay Chou; giving the rest of us guys out there a chance :)
    Ok finee... some of you may think that Jolin hardly falls into the "HOT" category. But one thing for certain... she most definately has the cutest baby face ever and I, Boss Stewie would most certainly give anything to be with her.
    Jolin is undoubtedly the most popular Taiwanese female singer... and she is now also Leng Mou? Girl Of The Week


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