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  • Friday, December 09, 2005

    My First Time Surfing the Net while Flying

    Just two days ago I happily hopped on a jetplane that took me back to Penang on a 13 hour ride.
    It turned out later that this 13 hour ride was also my first time trying out something that I'm sure would become a norm for everyone in the next few years. Singapore Airlines was testing out their new wireless broadband on the flight and they invited me to give it a test run. So there you have it... my very first time surfing the internet while on the plane.

    I was surfing Leng Mou? and chatting on MSN while flying somewhere over the black sea (as the map on the monitor has it).

    How fast was the internet? I would say pretty much like Streamyx speed...
    How cool was it? Very... very cool
    Did I surf porn? Uhh.......


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