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  • Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    The Anal Sex Taboo

    Ahhh anal sex... gay men love it, women hate it.. and straight men love to poke but hate to be poked. (love to be the fucker but hate to be the fuckee). Check out the smile on this guy's face.

    The Durex Sex Survey 2005 says that 19% of Malaysians have experience anal sex before. Do you think that's high or low?

    Many people in the past have come up to tell me (often after some decent alcohol dosages) that they would really like to experience anal sex but their women forbid them to even mention that four letter word : Anal.

    I can perfectly understand them. I myself, would personally hate to have anything up my ass. Yep, that is rightfully an outlet and bloody hell not an inlet. Not even if you had a COCK made of GOLD and DIAMONDS like this.

    But because we at Leng Mou? are charitable (and bastards), we have decided to initiate the "Ka Chui Leng Mou Campaign" (Backside Nice or Not Campaign) to perhaps give some of those poor men some hope.

    That being said, we have managed to come up with a poster that could potentially persuade women to at least consider participating in this treacherous act!

    "Bend over and think of Malaysia"

    "Ladies, has your husband been craving anal sex lately? If he gets too desperate he could look elsewhere, he might even consider another MAN! And that would make him GAY! As we all know, gays can't fight and if we have no army, who is going to defend us from the imaginary hordes of pinko commies massing at our borders?"


    In the coming weeks, do look out for this poster in shopping malls such as KLCC and restaurants that range from McDonalds to Ali Maju mamak store. We are also printing flyers of a similar design to be handed out in places frequented by women such as hair saloons, gyms and shoe shops like Vincci.

    Your support for the "Ka Chui Leng Mou Campaign" is very much appreciated.

    This post is simply a JOKE. Please do NOT (repeat: DO NOT) print out this 'poster' and put it up on places like KLCC. You WILL (repeat: YOU WILL) get bitchslapped by women of all ages and race. If you survive the bitchslap, you WILL (repeat: YOU WILL) be dragged to the police station and forced to follow procedure. (Strip naked and do ear squats). The Bloggers of LENG MOU? will NOT (repeat again: WILL NOT) be held responsible for any consequences that result from your stupidity (repeat: STOOPIDITY).

    PS: If my gf reads this post... I will most certainly be her fuckee the next time she sees me.


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