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  • Monday, November 21, 2005

    If u're after a vegetarian.......

    .............Consider this (And I do mean consider it if you're a guy) As so I understand that there are 5 categories of vegetarians. Just to let the world know I've found out another category of vegetarian, hence naming it Vege-6:

    1. Vegan - No animal product. Might not even wear leather or eat honey. (Destined to be virgin for life)
    2. Vegetarian - Consume no meat.
    3. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian - eat eggs, dairy products, milk or plant foods( gheesh, what's a plant food? Fertelizer? Might want to consider if kissing them)
    4. Lacto-vegetarian - eat milk, dairy products.....
    5. Ovo-vegetarian - ............ ( start getting lazy, you figure out yrself)

    So those are the yada-yada types of vegetarians blah blah.

    Here's number 6, consider these famous vegetarians:

    Oh yes, Alec Baldwin(orang sayur) and Alicia Silverstone(vegan)

    If you didn't get the hint then obviously you haven't had this out-of-this-world pleasure b4

    Here's the answer for all you sad ppl:

    Courtesy of The King and Lady Arwen(also orang sayur)
    Ok that's the further's I could go without mentioning that word.

    So the next time you ever think of hooking up with a vegetarian, please use the following pick-up line:

    "So what types of meat do you allow into your mouth?" or
    "Are you Vege-6?" (Then they would get puzzled and you're still into a good night)
    If you don't get slapped in the face, you're into some good stuff ;)

    p.s. Orang sayur = vegatable human in Malay

    p.p.s. I might get slapped by a certain somebody after this...... I'm so sad......


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