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  • Friday, November 18, 2005

    RISKy Business

    Yup this is officially my first post here. And I see that my boss Stewie is ahead of me with a few posts of his own already. Well you imbecile of course I can see he has just two posts, I mean how many eyes do you think I have. So yea, let me continue with my story…… My boss just threw me a bomb little more than an hour ago about this little competition of ours. We’re trying to post as much as possible to try to make each other laugh. If we laugh at a post, then we would to add a comment “leng”, otherwise “mou”, hence the title of our blog.

    Yea so I know that nobody reads this blog but I would still want to point out, I will beat you boss muahahaha!!! Even if there are only the 2 of us here I would still beat you to a pulp that the weather in England would turn that pulp(you) into ice(Yes that’s my way of implying that it’s been a cold day and I would still beat you up on a cold day, LOL boss LOL). Enough of me making a fool of myself.

    So how many of you out there actually do finance? Or at least understand finance? So assuming that you do(or do not?) just answer my question:

    • If you’re doing a business, the most important thing is…… PROFITS, that we know. So we could define it as whatever we earn minus whatever we paid out to earn that.

    Still following me? So……

    • What do you know about RISK then? Eh? Eh? Eh?

    Call me unoriginal but I’ve just found the single best explanation for the term RISK. And I really don’t give 2 feces about the fact that my lecturer told me this.

    The definition of RISK is “asking a cannibal to give you a blowjob”.

    There you go. If u laughed, gotcha!!! And give me a “leng” comment. :P

    Quote of the day(By Stewie)
    I say…… am I just spending the entire day wallowing around in my own feces.


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