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  • Sunday, November 20, 2005

    The New Apple iPod Video

    This post is for a friend of mine who's running this new up and coming review website. I decided to see if I could help him out by writing a small review on the Apple iPod Video. Do check out his site at http://www.the-consumers.com/

    The New Apple iPod

    About a week ago I bought the new Apple iPod Video and I must say it is the most gorgeous piece of electronics I have ever had. Not only does it look cool, and compact. But the features are amazing.

    I was waiting for a taxi at London's Waterloo station for half an hour out in the blistering cold last night. As terrible as it may sound, this half an hour actually passed painlessly and it's all because of my new toy.

    Rather than trying to make small talk with the other people in the queue to keep myself sane, I whipped out my BLACK Apple iPod (that's right... I said my BLACK iPod). Even iPods have to be politically correct nowadays. You can't just have the WHITE ones without giving the option for having BLACK ones.

    With a few quick clicks on the black wheel, I instantly put Family Guy on and watched the entire episode. Shortly after the end of that episode, my taxi came and that half an hour, felt more like 5 minutes.

    Apart from its music and video features you could also buy a camera connector for just GBP 15.00 to connect your camera to the iPod giving you the option of transfering all your photos from your camera to your iPod. That's right, there is no longer a need for 1GB Memory Cards or even for you to bring your laptop around everywhere you travel. Your iPod is all you need.

    Some people worry about the battery life for this new iPod (often we realize that what it says on the manual isn't always true). I estimate that the battery would last as long as 10 hours if you're listening to music and 3 hours if you're watching videos on it.

    For GBP 220.00 (30GB), I honestly feel that the new iPod somehow makes the Nano obsolete. Features wise, it is in so many ways better than the Nano. The only obvious edge that the Nano has is... its small size... but we ask ourselves.. do we need such a small mp3 player? All we need is a SLIM one... like the new iPod.

    Just for paying a little bit more, you can get 30GBs, store photos and more importantly play movies on it. I believe that the new iPod is definately better value for money than the Nano.


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