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  • Friday, November 18, 2005

    Horatio Caine

    There's something about CSI:Miami that's different and makes it so much more fun to watch than the other two CSIs. To me... that one thing is watching David Caruso... or as he is better known as "Horatio Caine".

    Everything about this man is style or "yengness". He speaks very slowly without the slighest bit of a stammer. Notice that never once on TV has he ever stuttered "Uhhh..." or even an "Umm....". And on top of all that, he is often portrayed as the tough guy who stands up for the weak.

    And that's not all. He is a man of class. He seldom curses... not even a "Go to Hell!!!" (like Stewie from Family Guy).

    To illustrate my point... take a good look at this picture.

    Now doesn't that look very very wrong? And its not because Horatio doesn't speak Hokkien. It's because... he is a man of class and he doesn't curse.

    Of course, many argue that David Caruso in real life can be quite a difficult actor to work with. But who cares... I like Horatio Caine.


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