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  • Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Goodbye Leng Mou

    I write this on a Thursday afternoon shortly before the clock hits 5pm. I sit in my new office almost after working hours pondering about the challenges that I will face starting next week.

    The coming Tuesday will be the day it all begins.

    I've had months and months of planning but all the planning in the world will never be enough to fully prepare me for the challenge I'm about to face starting 8.30am on Thursday.

    Yet, before I move on this very uncertain and risky part of my life, it is only natural for me to think again about the life I am leaving behind.

    I remember London.

    I remember my university and the little internet venture I was a part of while still a student.

    Yet, many of you may not realize it but each and every one of you who read this post now were a big part of the final year of my university life.
    What began as a blog between two best friends grew beyond our wildest expectations. In less than 9 months, Leng Mou broke record after record for the highest average visits each day reaching a peak of an average of 1500 visits each day.

    It was unreal.

    Friends of mine tell me that they wish they had a blog that had the attention of so many eyes from London to Malaysia like we did. Little did they know that I had always quietly envied them for their smaller but more personal blogs.

    From day one, blogs that are much less quiet have always caught my attention. I've fallen in love with the way these bloggers write that are honest to the bone and how they always attend to each and every comment they get on their blog. It makes me feel as if each blog entry was written just for my eyes.

    Yet, the modest popularity Leng Mou had its plus points. I have grown everlastingly attached to the many readers we have. Some which often love to voice out comments and even the more silent participants that I know are there every time I check the statcounter.

    The part that saddens me about shutting down Leng Mou is the reality that no longer will I be able to wake up each morning and look forward to reading the often hilarious comments of people like Jackson, Lance, Adrianbaby, Cely, Koyuuken, Jason, Gwenneth and Alynna (if I've left out anyone, please forgive me but rest assured I will always be grateful for all that you have shared with me).

    Should any of you miss any part of me, feel free to pay me a visit some time at my new personal blog that I hope will be just like the personal blogs I love reading every day.

    I can't promise you that it will be funny like this one, but I can say that I will most probably be able to reply each and every one of your comments in that small blog I will finally have.

    Boss Lepton on the other hand has stopped blogging for good so I doubt you'll be able to catch him on the blogosphere anymore.

    (But the good news is that you'll probably still be able to catch us both at the Blogger's Meet on the 29th of July at KLCC).

    To all of you Leng Mou readers out there, thank you for giving Boss Lepton and I the best 8 months of our lives.

    If you could only feel for a day what you've all done for the both of us... then perhaps you would realize how grateful we are for your support.

    May others do unto you what you have done unto us.This is Boss Stewie, saying my very last goodbye to all of you at Leng Mou.

    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Meeting Smashpop, Koyuuken and Tock

    Since weeks ago I promised to meet up with Smashpop, Koyuuken and Tock in KL and also one of my Singaporean friends who happened to come down that day:Ming.

    I initially suggested a Bak Kut Teh breakfast meet but in the last minute, dear Koyuuken suddenly realized that he prints money and people who print money prefer to eat something more expensive.

    So we had lunch at Jogoya which I found no problem paying for after I sold my girlfriend to slavery.

    Pic Info: Bunch of us outside Jogoya.
    From Left:
    Smashpop, My friend Ming, Boss Stewie,Koyuuken, Tock

    Of course, having our first meet together (after endless chatting on MSN) wasn't the only special occasion.

    It was also the first time Koyuuken and Smash had oysters.
    Pic Info: From left: Tock, Koyuuken and ME.

    Koyuuken went for the oyster first and he hated it.

    Then along came Smash... and.... I guess you can conclude from the pictures that... he.... loved it.

    Yes... it really is pretty obvious from the pictures that Smash LURRRVESS oysters.. right?

    You can even see the satisfaction in his face in this picture that we took together after he had his oyster.
    It's a shame most of us don't eat oysters.

    Oysters happen to be aphrodisiacs (Yes, a word you hear increasingly often in rap songs).

    Now by definition, an aphrodisiac is an agent which acts on the mind and causes the arousal of the mood of sexual desire.

    Or in simple english... an aphrodisiac makes you horny.

    But it's a lie I tell you... A LIEEEEeee...

    Because I'm yet to see any of that magical effect on anyone that eats oysters.

    Take Smash for example.

    After slowly having his oyster he was still pretty much normal.

    He didn't start jumping on any of us or even attempt to hump any of us from behind.

    The only thing he did that was slightly perculiar after eating the oyster was maybe his increasing fascination with the one thing on our table that looked closest to a penis: a tempura prawn.

    But that is perfectly normal right.

    People just love taking pictures of Tempura Prawns

    and they lurrvee holding it up 45 degrees with one hand when taking group pictures. Right?

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    If Women Ruled The World

    One of our readers (Adrianbaby) forwarded this to my e-mail asking me to share it with all of you. So here it is...

    This is how the world would be like if women ruled the world.

    And if I may add, if women ruled the world, we would also have no porn (right girls?).

    And that means admirale women like Miss Hagiwara here (who take the effort to dress up in school girl uniforms just to excite us men) would not have the opportunity to be famous Japanese AV Stars.

    Which is good for the world right?

    Since men would have less and less of their fantasies fulfilled and can concentrate on pleasing the one and only women they each should have in their lives (their wives).

    Oh and even more importantly, if the world were to be ruled by women, there would be no war, no fighting and no suffering (any disputes will be settled by a catfight... and we lurrrve catfights don't we?).

    Ahh the world would truly be a better place.