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  • Saturday, July 22, 2006

    If Women Ruled The World

    One of our readers (Adrianbaby) forwarded this to my e-mail asking me to share it with all of you. So here it is...

    This is how the world would be like if women ruled the world.

    And if I may add, if women ruled the world, we would also have no porn (right girls?).

    And that means admirale women like Miss Hagiwara here (who take the effort to dress up in school girl uniforms just to excite us men) would not have the opportunity to be famous Japanese AV Stars.

    Which is good for the world right?

    Since men would have less and less of their fantasies fulfilled and can concentrate on pleasing the one and only women they each should have in their lives (their wives).

    Oh and even more importantly, if the world were to be ruled by women, there would be no war, no fighting and no suffering (any disputes will be settled by a catfight... and we lurrrve catfights don't we?).

    Ahh the world would truly be a better place.


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