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  • Monday, July 03, 2006

    Why does everyone decide to drive on the roads when I decide to do it?

    Living in the city isn't exactly something to be proud of and I'm reminded about that every time I try to get out of the city after 5pm.

    It was a Friday afternoon (two days ago) and I was taking my baby for a traditional dinner/movie.

    My baby sometimes tells me that we don't seem to do things that normal couples do... so there you have it... you cannot get any more normal than a dinner movie date.

    The time was 6.15pm and I was trying to get out of KL City headed to Midvalley. The minute I drove out of my place, I saw this.

    I initially took the traffic jam like a gentleman and quietly sat in the jam and waited with a smile on my face.
    Then the wait got longer and longer and I began to lose my patience so I turned on Mix FM to cool myself down and I comforted myself by saying that things could be a lot worse...

    For example, my little lau beh car could break down just like another car I drove pass in the jam.

    But still, it didn't help that throughout the jam I was faced with advertisements like THIS

    which reminded me that I am among the poor in Malaysia that have no swimming pool in their homes!

    A young man's patience can only last so long.

    So halfway through the jam I lost my happy smile.

    Then a little later than that I began to lose my cool and started scolding the people who blocked up the road by trying to cut queue in a jam.

    Believe it or not, all the shouting and cursing helped me feel more Malaysian.

    Before driving that day, I was afraid that I might've forgotten how to curse in Malay... and one would think that cursing at other people on the road would make people move faster and make them not block up the road again in future right? right?

    (well ok fine... not really but at least agree with me on that so that I can sleep better at night)

    To make matters worse, whenever I cleared a jammed area, I kept getting into more jams like this.

    And I kept seeing signs of more and more jam ahead

    10 years later, I finally reached Midvalley.

    It had been a long tiring journey and it was time for a celebration!

    My baby and I started singing and dancing in JOY but our celebration was short-lived.

    We totally forgot about the typical Midvalley jam but we knew we were close... so we had our hopes up until we reached the carpark and saw a TRAFFIC JAM IN THE CARPARK!




    Why don't they just put one outside the front gate of my house while they're at it?

    Or wait wait... even better.. put one between my bedroom and toilet so that I have to sit in a traffic jam every time I wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

    Anyway as you can imagine, by then I had given up hope and had no strength left in me to curse or scold anyone else.

    I gave up... I had lost the will to fight the traffic..

    Yet, surprising as it may be the painful trip turned out to be worth the trouble.

    My baby and I had dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse
    and after that headed straight for GSC to watch Superman.

    Yes... we had a very usual and normal dinner date like most couples do every week.

    PS: I thought Superman wasn't as good as it was hyped up to be... a bit slow on some parts.. but still not a bad movie...


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