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  • Friday, June 16, 2006

    I am Boss Stewie

    I am Boss Stewie

    I am fat.

    I am a terrible inconsiderate boyfriend that never considers my girlfriend's feelings.

    I am also a self-centered chauvinistic man who never considers the things that are important to my girlfriend.

    I never appreciate my girlfriend the way I should be.

    I lie to myself that the Motorola V3 is the most manly phone in the world when I know that it is actually for fags like myself.

    I like to have cute little things dangling on my Motorola V3 especially when there are little turtles.
    I feel very happy when I walk in public with the turtle my baby gave me dangling on my phone.

    I am such a pig to have lost 'tuhtuh'

    I hope my baby teaches me a lesson by giving me pink furry balls to attach to my phone.

    I am writing this post at my own will and not because this is a punishment from my baby for losing tuhtuh.

    No...no... I am not writing this post because my baby currently has me by the balls... not at all...

    If you've missed out on the terrible things I have done in the past few days to deserve this, read my shame here, here and here.


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