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  • Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    It's not easy being a model

    Models are everywhere these days.

    In the past I've dated quite a number of girls who either were models or ended up being part-time models and it has stopped being something to be proud of.

    I would go tell my friend "Eh... I went out with a model last night".

    and my friend would tell me

    "Yeah me too...".

    But yet, many girls long to be models to experience the glamour and attention of a photoshoot.

    and most guys (except for the certain older and fat guys like Boss Stewie) still feel the little tingle in their pants whenever they hear the word 'model'.

    So what do models do these days to stay competitive?

    They make it harder to be a model by making themselves EVEN SKINNIER THAN BEFORE... WOOHOOO


    This girl is HOT!!!
    HOT HOT HOT!!! Look at the HUGE WATERMELONS on this girl

    And check out this girl!

    I bet she doesn't even drink water.

    If I was helping her put on her top, I would grab a stick and play the violin on her ribs

    But don't forget this girl

    Or this Cambodian refugee model

    and this other Cambodian refugee model

    And finally... this one

    So there you have it... the 'fabulous' bodies of the supermodels of today.

    As for Boss Stewie... my fat chubby baby is my model....

    and that's how I like her to be.

    To all the 'normal' girls out there who haven't lost their minds: Eat when you have to.

    Be strong and don't succumb to the pressure...

    To the guys who just threw up in the bucket after reading this post, relax... I have a feeling the pictures were photoshopped :P


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