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  • Saturday, June 24, 2006

    The purpose

    Some people are still a bit unclear about something.

    Our little Leng Mou bet to write funny posts ended in June 2006.

    Both Boss Lepton and I were looking to stop blogging then but I was leaving the UK and many of my UK friends who read Leng Mou insisted I kept blogging so that they would be up to speed on what I'll be up to after leaving the UK.
    Pic Info: Some of my UK friends that I probably won't see for quite a while.

    So rather than writing funny posts (
    which most of you would prefer), I just use Leng Mou as a personal blog now which explains why the posts are less hilarious now, why we don't make a blog entry every day like we used to and why Boss Lepton seldom writes now.

    We're sorry for giving up the '
    funny blog' thing going on but I guess work has caught up with us. We expect our daily visits to drop in time to come.Pic Info: The Bosses at their peak

    It was nice having 4 digit (I mean 8) visits a day... but I guess all good things must come to an end (eventhough its not even 9 months since we started blogging).

    For those of you who stay... we'll try to make a few intentionally funny posts (
    like the ones before) every once in a while.

    Thank you to all of you for your support and I hope all of you enjoyed Leng Mou as much as we did.
    Boss Stewie/Lepton *hugz* Leng Mou readers

    To the many bloggers who've been asking us for a meet-up... we promise to keep to our word of meeting up soon.


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