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  • Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Stewie's New Toy

    My faithful Motorola V3 has been giving me some problems lately so it was time for me to change phones. So last week I was asking Smash what would be a good phone to have. The first thing Smash said to me was

    "You've asked the right person".

    And he started spewing out model names with different features and asking me what is it that I want in a phone. Whether I want a phone which has camera, 3G or even an in-built MP3 Player and things like that.

    Now when it comes to phones, I've finally accepted that I only use phones to make and receive calls.

    I don't use the camera, the internet, not even the games or anything. So I kept telling Smash that no I don't need a great camera on the phone and I don't need 3G and I most definitely don't need an MP3 Player since I already have an iPod. Smash then listed out the very basic phones for me to see which yet had cameras on them. Then I told him again that I really don't need a camera on my phone.

    Smash got a little pissed and he forwarded me a link saying

    "I think this is the kind of phone that you want".

    The link took me to a picture of a Nokia 3210. I was insulted...

    And I got angry...

    So the next day I ran off to the phone shop and commanded the saleswoman


    She looked at me and saw the familiar look of a man that had just been insulted for being technologically backward.

    So she took out a Masterpiece: The Siemens M35.
    The phone was BRILLIANT!

    It had all the latest features any phone could ever dream of.

    Personalized ring tones, alarm clock, SMS, Wap Technology, Stop watch, Caller ID and even games that you only find on computers (like mine sweeper).

    It could also store up to 10 SMS without you having to delete any of them.

    And if that wasn't enough, the phone's wide digital screen came fully equipped with a green backlight which also lit up the keypad so you'll be able to make and receive calls even in the dark.

    I knew I had to have it so I proudly took out my wallet and told the lady


    Smash doesn't know yet of my latest new toy. I bet when a gadget-freak like him finds out that I have a phone like this he's going to want to trade in his prehistoric Nokia 6680 for my Siemens M35.

    Sorry Smash, I love my new phone very much and you can't have it.







    Ok fine... I got this ugly brick phone instead (and I was exaggerating when I said Smash insulted me. He was only joking) Boss Stewie has no taste in phones.


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