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  • Friday, January 27, 2006

    When you're travelling and you forget your towel..

    Ahh.. the TOWEL. Many of us never realize how important this one 'piece of cloth' is... until something like that happens to you...

    Picture this. You've decided to go travelling to some foreign country with your friends. All goes well until you check into your hotel.

    Note that when I say hotel, I don't mean this kind of hotel that supplies everything from towels to guns to viagra.

    I mean hotels like this that the rest of us poor students would stay in.

    You then realize that you forgot to bring your bath towel and the cheap hotel most definately doesn't supply anything close to even a floor rug. To make things worse, your friends refuse to share their towels with you keeping to their "ONE TOWEL ONE KOTEK" policy.

    So how do you dry yourself after a shower?

    Method 1

    You could pray your cheap hotel room has a hair dryer...

    or at least a hand dryer...

    how you use it is self-explanatory... just don't burn the kotek...

    Method 2 You could shake yourself off like a dog and wait in the toilet until all the water on your body dries. (Note: When I say "shake yourself off" I mean it literally.. I don't mean ta fei kei... or like they say in the UK, slap the pony)

    I wouldn't personally recommended it since many skin diseases can be caused because of this.

    Method 3

    This is the safest and most practical of all.... When all else fails... use toilet paper.

    You can take it off piece by piece and wipe yourself with it just like how you would use it to wipe your ass.

    Or if you're a little more fun-going... then wrap yourself up limb my limb with toilet paper and roll around the floor. Either ways... you will be very dry...

    And if your friend goes into the toilet after you and shouts


    You look innocent and say...

    "Ya lar diuu.. lousy hotel.. at first towel dun have... now toilet paper also dun have... just use your shirt lar!"

    Method 4

    But even if that fails (as in.. your hotel memang so lousy until no toilet paper)... then grab a plastic bag like this

    and wrap your kotek with it (with the help of a rubber band).

    Then go ask your friend if you could borrow his towel... promising him that you won't get your kotek wet and hence won't need to wipe your kotek on his precious little virgin towel.

    If necessary, prove to him that your plastic-wrapped kotek is 100% waterproof by spraying some water in it or dipping it in the toilet bowl and flushing.

    Once he's convinced and agrees, take a long relaxing shower. Then after you wipe yourself dry... take a dump on his towel to get him back for making you risk suffocating your precious kotek (with that stupid plastic bag) in the first place.

    This post is dedicated to all the cibais that deprived me of a towel!

    I love my towell.. oooh yess I lurrrve my towel...


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