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  • Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Saya Sebatang Kotek (For My Non-Malaysian Readers)

    Sometimes I forget that "Leng Mou?" gets readers not only from Southeast Asia but also from Japan, Hong Kong, US and the UK. So yesterday, we received a humble 264 visits (u guys are girls are just soo nice) and many complaints from my non-Malaysian readers saying that they couldn't understand my little badly written essay entitled "Saya Sebatang Kotek" and everyone seemed to be enjoying the joke except them.

    So for the benefit of them... here is my translation of it

    I am a Cock

    Helo! My name is Abu. I am a 15-inch black cock. Yes, many people say that my owner Bob is indeed very lucky to be born with me but the truth is, I am not loved. Every day, I am kept in his dark pants and taken out only when everyone is nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, there are some times that Bob does express his feelings towards me. When nobody's looking, Bob takes me out and touches me softly with love until I throw up. I know that in Bob's mind... I embarrass him.

    Everything changed one day when Bob reached over 20 years of age. He suddenly learned to like me and even bought me beautiful clothes.
    However, one day... (to be continued)

    116 Words

    Is it just me... or does the English version not have much of a kick? Maybe I'll get Boss Lepton to do a hokkien version next. As for me... translating is tiring...


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