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  • Friday, January 13, 2006

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Baby

    Yes its official. Brad and Angelina were definately shagging all this time and I bet many people are going around saying "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" the minute they hear the news that Angelina is pregnant with Brad's kid.

    The question is not how Jennifer Aniston is taking the news... the question is... how would their baby look like?

    On one side we have Brad Pitt whom many see as the most good looking guy in the world...
    On the other side, we have Angelina Jolie who is quite a heart-throb herself.

    Now following the Singaporean government's school of thought... if you put together a smart man and a smart woman, they would produce a smart baby. Now lets not talk about what some people say about Lee Hsieng Loong and his smart wife that produced a retarded baby. I'm sure there has to be some rational in the Singaporean government's thinking if they say smart + smart = smart.

    So similarly... beautiful + beautiful = beautiful
    And we should get a baby like this

    and not like this
    or this
    But I guess in time to come... we will all know... just as long as Brad and Angie's baby doesn't come out like this
    You can be sure that nature will find its way...

    We at Leng Mou? would like to help Durex wish Brad...
    Special thanks to June for the pic.


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