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  • Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Branded Food

    When I was down in KL a couple of days ago I decided to meet up with an ex-colleage of mine from Deutsche Bank. I was asked to pick a place to go for lunch but I decided to let him choose and fair enough, I was told to meet him at Bangsar Village. When I got there, I was in for a little surprise. He brought me to Mizu, a Japanese restaurant that looked posh inside out.
    Inside, I looked at the menu and gawked at the prices but at the same time pretending to look like I could afford it. This order of beef that we had cost RM40 by its own.
    But at least it was pretty good, and so was the Chicken Teriyaki, tempura and other Japansy stuff.
    The bill at the end:RM170++ for just the 3 of us there.

    In the less developed countries, some people sell their kidneys or other body organs to get this kind of money. I looked down to see which leg of mine I should sell off but at the end of the lunch, my friend insisted that he pay the bill and I keep my leg. What a good friend.

    After lunch, we headed for DESERT at Bakerzia
    where we sat on "high class plastic chairs" and ate desert.

    These two little buggers here costs about RM17 each! (or half a testicle each in less developed countries)
    The damage of desert for 3 people: RM90 (or half a lung)

    The final count: RM170+RM90 = RM260 (15.29 testicles, 1.4 lungs or about 1.5 legs)

    Note to self: The next time high earning professionals ask you what you want to eat for lunch... you say "CURRY MEE..."... what you don't say is... "Anything".


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