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  • Saturday, January 07, 2006

    What is so wrong about my Penang friends?!?!

    In the past I've often had friends from all over the world visit me in Penang. I take them all around Penang to all the places with the best food down to even the best night spots with my local Penang friends. But at the end of the visits, instead of commenting about the sights and sounds of Penang, they always seem to comment about my Penang friends. The group of us Penangnites:-

    supposedly drink too much to burn our liver,
    supposedly go clubbing too much,
    curse and swear too much and are
    supposedly too open about sex..I think that's a very unfair opinion. We Penang people are good and respectable Malaysian citizens that are no different from those elsewhere in Malaysia. Take for example two of my Penang friends (see picture below) Ivan (Left) and Nelson (Right) whom I haven't seen in a long time but are in all ways the most well-behaved and respectable Penangnites ever.

    Now what is it about them that isn't perfectly normal and respectable?!?!

    Yes, some people who see this picture would imagine things like this:
    But Ivan and Nelson are both NOT like that and would NEVER think of such dirty things!!!!

    They are both a couple of capable and funny guys who sometimes love to have a bit of innocent fun like posing next to a "Masuk" sign.

    Everyone loves Ivan and Nelson!!!


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