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  • Saturday, December 31, 2005

    The Clubbing Twist in Penang

    There is something about clubbing in Penang that makes it different from everywhere else in the world. Apart from the usual music, dancing, booz and girls... there is... the Pondan show that's becoming ever so popular.

    First, a blonde pondan comes up on stage and dances like a mad tribal woman.

    Then... a group of Pondans dressed with sexy 'cowgirl' gear follow along.

    And then we're back to ONE horrible dancing Pondan And just like in the broadway musical: Cats.... we have a pondan sentimental moment where the light shines on her (him) and she brings together a slow sentimental moment... one that almost makes all the girls in the club hug the guys next to them.

    Yes... if you're not from Penang... you're probably wondering...

    "What ... The ... FUCK... is with you Penang people and your pondan shows in clubs?"

    The truth is... I don't know.. perhaps when you're a little high... anything in a dress looks good... no matter whats on the inside.

    But ... lets be fair here. The club does have its good times and we Penang people do know how to have our fun. Later on in the night... there was the "Sexy Dance Competition" where girls from the crowd go up to give the club the most sexy dance EVER.

    The winner is selected by the loudest cheer from the crowd and goes away with 2 bottles of Chivas. On the other hand... us guys... get to watch girls put on the sexiest dance they had ever known. So... a win-win situation!!!

    Look closely... this next girl has ABSAnyway, last night's winner of the Sexy Dance Competition wasn't exactly the best I had ever seen (the best I had ever seen made at least 20 guys in the club cum in their pants over and over again), but I have to give her credit for one thing.

    She... knew exactly... how to shake that ass... almost as if she moved her ass by a joystick on a remote control.

    So if you're ever in Penang... drop Boss Stewie a line... and we shall go clubbing...


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