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  • Saturday, December 24, 2005

    By Popular Demand (Not for the guys)

    Some time ago, I posted up a picture of me wearing shorts and suffering from a sneezing fit. For a very funny reason, some of the girls that visit this blog seemed to pay less attention to my suffering, and more attention to my 'botak' legs.

    Guys who visit this blog, especially the ones I know ie.. Hong Wee, Adrian, William, Gin, etc etc... (don't be pissed if I left you out ok? I'm not trying to list out everyone here)

    June, Muffy, Jess... this entry is mainly for the 3 of you so put your handphones on silent and look closely.
    THERE!!! I DID IT. I posted a picture of my leg. And if you look closely, you may notice some little thin black fibres that some people call "LEG HAIR". So I do NOT shave my legs.

    Sure sure, I may not be as hairy as this guy
    But I am definately... not botak!!!

    Ohh.. I can't believe I just made this post. Look at what you girls made me do... *hides head in shame*


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