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  • Friday, December 16, 2005

    Who is Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton?

    Some people ask me
    "All these blog entries and not even a single picture of any of the bloggers... why?"

    And so, Boss Lepton and I have finally decided to go out one day, and take some pictures of ourselves for our dear readers. And here they are.

    This Boss Lepton and I outside our Leng Mou? PLC Headquarters in London.

    And this is the both of us in a park in Russell Square London. Seriously, when we took this picture, people were staring at us with "WTF" looks.

    This is how we decide whether a post is a Leng or a Mou. (Thumbs up for Leng, Thumbs down for Mou)And if you want to see more. Here's more.

    Just to make things clear, the arrow Boss Stewie is pointing towards the ballz of the guy on the left. Boss Stewie is the whole guy on the left, not just the testicles.

    So there you have it. Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton.. tadaaaa


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