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  • Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Girl of the Week: Eva Longoria

    Because Boss Lepton and I want to celebrate our love for women, we have decided to start a "Girl of the Week" edition. For our first Girl of the Week, we picked Eva Longoria.

    May I first see by a show of hands who doesn't think Eva is HOT? No...?? Nobody??? Great.. then we don't have a problem.

    With this blog entry, I have a confession. The whole reason that I started watching Desperate Housewives was because of Eva. That's right. It's true. I couldn't take my eyes off her the instant I saw her and I cursed and swear at that damned gardener for being lucky enough to bang her. But... being the typical guy that I am, after seeing too much of a good thing, I now take it for granted. Nevertheless, she is still hot.. she is Eva Longoria.


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