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  • Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Imperial College Bans Hoodies on Campus

    Imperial College, the favourite engineering school among Malaysians in London have officially banned everyone from wearing hoodies on campus in response to the July terrorist attacks and fears of theft.

    For those of you who aren't sure... hoodies are like this:

    Some people see 'hoodies' as the uniform of "bad people" or "gangsters". But if you're in Malaysia, you probably won't see much of this cuz it is too damn hot there and you must have shit for brains to wear one. (Yes.. yes.. shit like the ones in my previous post.. hahahah)

    So, I started wondering, how did an extra piece of clothing that looks so good get mixed up with all these negative opinions?

    Lets start by looking at the famous 'celebrities' who are known to wear hoodies.

    First, we have Eminem who we get to see in a Hoody all the time.

    Then comes Death that has stared in many tv shows... including Family Guy. For those of you who don't remember, Death is supposed to be the guy who takes you up to heaven (or down to hell) after you die. He carries that "big knife on a stick" with him everywhere he goes... so when he does come for you... go peacefully or its going to hurt BAD.

    Even Death's doggie has a hoody...

    Then there's everyone's favourite... Kenny from Southpark

    And lets not forget our old Little Red Riding Hood

    Well.... not quite the Red Riding Hood I was thinking of... I was thinking somewhere along the lines of....

    Ahh.. that's much better...hubba hubba...

    And... last but not least.... there is ME (Boss Stewie)

    I LOVE my Hoody!!!

    So I really can't see how hoodies became a bad thing??? It's gotta be because of Eminem, Death, Kenny or Red Riding Hood.

    Cuz it most certainly can't be me... or this this little baby... can it?


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