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  • Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Durex 2005 Global Sex Survey

    Saturday afternoon. I was surfing around the net and I stumbled across the Durex 2005 Global Sex Survey (Ok fine.. I didn't "stumble"... I was looking for it ishh.. don't be judgemental on me now!) and I wondered.. how did Malaysia fair...

    Interesting Facts

    The average age that Malaysians lose their virginity is 19. So if you had sex slightly before 19.3 years old (like 17 years old)... you are considerably more hiau than other Malaysians. If you lost your virginity far before 19 ... (like 8 years old)...then you are one Malaysian-bred horny rabbit!

    A point to note is that in last year's Survey, the age of first sex was 19.3.... so... in other words, Malaysians are losing their virginity at a younger age than a year ago. That's a good sign... up until 18.... after that it just gets wrong.

    Generally Malaysians have sex 83 times a year on average... which is far lower than the global average of 103 times a year. But fortunately, we're ahead of Singapore that has an average of only 73 times a year so... its true when they say... we Malaysians are a lot more hiau then them Singaporeans.

    Here's the fun part of the survey.
    9% of Malaysians have had threesomes, 19% have experienced the pleasure/pain of anal sex and 29% have had one night stands.

    Now... these facts were all pretty cool... until I saw on the damned survey that a WHOPPING 44% of Malaysians have sex in the toilet making it somehow the favourite venue for sex (on top of 38% who have had sex in the car).

    Sure.. perhaps if you were shagging in the toilet at your own house... that doesn't sound all too bad. But who are we kidding, most shags are in public toilets that look like this.

    or this

    or this


    But of course.. let me be fair.. We do have our clean (but toilet paperless) public toilets in Malaysia. That look like this

    But even then.... you must be HIGH ON POT or something to be able to want to shag in a place like that.

    I can just see it now... a Malaysian guy goes to pick up a girl at a club. After a few drinks and a little bit of grinding... he asks "Hey... would you like to go to toilet with me?"

    The girl gets the hint.. smiles and voila... another statistic in the Durex Global Sex Survey.


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