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  • Thursday, November 17, 2005


    Imagine this... one boring day, you're surfing the net for something to look at to kill time... you've read all your recent e-mails (and realize that nobody really misses you except girls like Emily Rogers and Isabel Wallace that keep sending you e-mails with the heading "SEXUALLY EXPLICIT" or "WATCH ME STRIP ON WEBCAM NOW")

    You've read the latest news, looked for pretty girls on Friendster to send your virtual kisses to and the Japanese porn you're downloading is still an hour away from completion... what do you do?

    You randomly choose a blog to go to and you walk into one that has the weirdest name you have ever heard of. You murmur to yourself... "Lengmou? Wtf is that supposed to mean?" ...

    So take your eyes off those annoying MSN windows for a while (unless you're speaking to a hottie...), turn down Jay Chou's singing in the background and listen hard...

    Lengmou is not a personal blog... but rather a blog of two best friends who have the weirdest obsession of calling each other "Boss" which more often than not, turns girls off... but just wait.. the best is yet to come...


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