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  • Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Ryan Atwood of O.C.

    If there is somebody who should be in the new Rocky... it has got to be Ryan Atwood from The OC. I'm sure few OC fans would disagree with me that our friend Ryan is Mr. Trigger Happy when it comes to throwing punches.

    We all remember the first time Ryan threw a punch in the first episode of season 1. It started off as a punch for a few guys that were bullying Seth. I have no issue with that punch.

    But it didn't take long until the barbarian in him came out. The punching became way too excessive especially when Merissa came into the picture. I'm sure it was an unwritten rule in the OC that if you say something bad about Merissa Cooper, close your eyes and count to five. You'll have your punch before you finish pronouncing the "-ive" of "FIVE".

    Then again, girls do love it when a guy stands up for them... But having a punchaholic as a bf... is hardly something to be really proud of.


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