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  • Thursday, December 01, 2005

    South Park Me

    Well, my boss obviously hate reading my writings so I will write less this time. Sigh my boss is such a fussy *@^#*^(*#$ i think when he becomes old ........ he'll be 1 of those old man who can't stop talking :D right boss?

    Anyway, the topic today for me is SOUTH PARK ME!!!

    Has any one of you wonder how you would look like if you were in southpark???
    Come on, it's like the show where there's no limits to blood and of course our dear KENNY.

    So here's what I will look like(or wish I will look like).......

    Oh yes boss, SEI MEI???

    First look at the ring on top of my head, angel me mou? It's like me playing CS in southpark

    1st person i wanna headshot is obviously our little beloved South Park Character, KENNY!! Since if i dun hit his head, somebody else or some thing will hit it anyway.......

    Look at my cool machine gun mou??? I wish they had an AK, that would be cooler.

    THe candy is just to show the sweet, adorable, and lovable side of me, you know? I like lollipops, mint flavour yum yum

    Well if u think this is swell........ check out........

    Hehehe, boss guess who did this 1?

    Of coz my gf la. See so matching the features. Angel wor(like me mah), but she's with wings. BTW notice I dun have wings, coz "I'm Flying Without Wings"

    Ok maybe that was a bit lame, anyway if u look closer, she has CLAWS!!! see? it's like the hidden evilness, I'm sure my boss's General has those claws too right? hehehehe

    Hehehe, I have to make 1 statement thought, those hairs, it's nothing like hers hehehe. Those hairs are just way way way too cute, well u know like those in Japanese porn 1. My boss knows this all too well.




    And the Final Finally..........

    MY BOSS!!!! I created this 1 for him so he won't feel left out

    Boss, nice mou??? LENG MOU?? My boss's hair, and grey hoodie with Sir Butters in the middle. Carrying his glock into the classroom and threatening everybody.

    I mean, Kyle and Kenny don't look at all scared.
    Kenny understandable coz he died so many times until heaven and hell both reject him.

    Oh yes, with his IPOD.

    I can imagine him doing this and shouting "Oi who kidnap my boss? huh? Show yourself so I can headshot you with my burst fire"

    Hehehehe, cute mou boss? save this image and put as your display pic in msn la. Hehehe.

    Due to popular demand, and the request of my boss. I modified the pic a bit, coz I left out his SEXY MOLE, woooo..........

    Austin Powers so gonna ...mole.... him. In his own words, he would .......mole...... say that this .....mole...... is so sex...... mole........y. It's just very ...... MOLE.........

    boss :D

    p.s. Hope you all think the characters are cute.

    Disclaimer: LENG MOU? is not in any way affiliated or associated in any ways to Comedy Central's South Park. Both me and my boss are mere FANS.

    p.p.s. For any of you out there who wants to get yourself a South Park character, here are 2 links which I use.

    Yup have fun :D hope this post cheers any of you up


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