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  • Friday, December 02, 2005

    The Up and Coming for Leng Mou?

    Ok ok... since I've been getting some questions on this.. I thought I'd make an official post on it.

    First... the TAG BOARD

    As you all can see, I have added the Tag Board on the right for some of you to chat and for another reason. Leng Mou? is two weeks old and our daily visitors have been growing every day.(Yesterday alone we had 125 visits from unique IPs). But... somehow this does not seem to show on the comments for posts.

    I thought that maybe.. just mayyyybeee... its because you guys and girls out there are lazy to click on the 'comments' wait for the pop-up and then register to make a comment. So here... tag board for any other comments you want to make. It doesn't get any easier than this folks!

    Second... our Leng Mou? e-mail

    We like fanmail... but we LURRRVEEE hate mail, we find them HILARIOUS especially when being read with some alcohol. Unfortunately we haven't been getting the latter yet. So if anyone of you have anything to say privately to us (or if you recently ordered a Proton Chancellor and want to fark me up for making fun of it in my earlier posts)... please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

    Lastly... ads

    Ok, many people have asked me if we're going to put up ads (like Google Adsense) on Leng Mou? just like some other blogs. Well... Boss Lepton and I have agreed that this blog is purely for fun and not for any profit so we have NO intention of putting up any ads in the near future.


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