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  • Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    When your boss asks you if you have had sex before, you say....

    A few days ago I was watching an episode from the latest season of The Apprentice (Season 4). If you have never watched The Apprentice before then I do suggest you give it a shot.
    Anyway, on the latest Apprentice, there is a candidate that goes by the name of Adam. Adam is a very highly qualified candidate just like the rest, with a very impressive CV and a long list of achievements. Nevertheless, the reason why I singled Adam out is not because of his credentials but rather because of another reason...
    In that one particular episode I was watching Adam's team was given the task to give a seminar or in simple terms, teach a class. Adam and his team decided to go with the topic "Sex at Work".

    They lost... but that's not the joke...

    When they were taken to the board room to see who was going to be fired, Donald Trump asked Adam:

    "Adam... have you ever had sex?"

    And Adam's response was something that ran along the lines of...

    "Err... Mr. Trump, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with answering that question."

    Upon hearing that answer, I banged my head repeatedly on the wall.

    Adam didn't get fired there and then (we can't expect Donald Trump to make it look like he fires virgins from his company can we?)... but he did get fired shortly after.

    Lesson of the Day

    If you are a FULL GROWN MAN in New York and your boss asks you if you had sex before, it does NOT matter if you never had sex before or even if you have never seen a naked woman before in your life.

    You STILL say:

    "FUCK YEAH!!!"




    "SIR YES SIR! 3 times a day, 21 times a week, 84 times a month and 1092 times a year SIR! "

    or at least say

    "I'm sorry... but I'm very religious and my religion doesn't encourage pre-marital sex"

    "Uhh.. I'm not so comfortable with that question"


    "Nope... never had... never will"


    "Uhh... what's sex?"

    or EVEN

    "Uhmm.. uhh.. err.. I think so..."


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