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  • Monday, December 05, 2005

    The First Class of Today

    Since I'll be flying back to Malaysia in a few days, I decided to find out how lovely the First Class of today's airlines are so that I could have something to compare to when I sit on my narrow seat back in Economy Class that often comes with a complimentary fat guy snoring next to me. (I swear that the Airline places a snoring fat guy next to me on purpose every time just to PISS ME OFF).
    Warming your ass on these seats for 13 hours costs enough to buy more than 3 of the laptops that I am using to type out this blog entry.

    That's right, it costs more than a laptop. A LAPTOP that you can carry with you everywhere you go and use to play games, get online, chat on MSN and most importantly watch (and store) porn.
    What I managed to find is Forbes Magazine's Best Airline First Class for 2004 ie Emirates Airlines. (The latest list had Cathay Pacific as the winner for 2005 but the pictures I saw of it somehow didn't impress me much.)
    That's right, take a good look at these pictures. These seats are not just seats. They can be converted into beds and work-stations equipped with LCD screens and internet connections. How cool would it be to be online on MSN with your nick as "Stewie flying over Germany now".

    And shortly after that "Stewie Flying over Iraq now..."

    Look at that. Not only have they made First Class seats a lot more spacious, but also a lot more classy and most importantly a LOT MORE PRIVACY.

    First Class passengers are now seated so far away from each other that you could be watching 5 STAR HARD CORE porn on your screen without anyone else knowing about it. Hell you could even be banging an air stewardess in your "cabin" without waking anyone up.

    But... coming back to reality now... some of us will never get to experience flying first class.

    Nevertheless, lets be optimistic... Economy class is frequently being improved. Perhaps one day our Economy class seats may be just like this. But by then, First Class seats would probably be entire penthouse suites that come with swimming pools, supercar garages, butler services and hot girls from MTV.


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