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  • Thursday, December 22, 2005

    The day I got caught buying Lecka Lecka

    Yesterday I started on a 3-day trip down to KL for two reasons:
    1) An interview that took place today and
    2) to go to Midvalley for something special (which wasn't the Christmas tree).

    There I was standing on the 1st floor of the Center Court in a crowd of camera-wielding-people taking pictures of THIS (one floor below):I, on the other hand, was facing the other way and taking pictures of THIS: That's right. LECKA LECKA!!! That is the one thing we don't have in Penang that I LURRRRRRVE SOOO MUCH. Unfortunately, my very "potong stim" girlfriend thinks that I am too fat to eat Lecka Lecka... but what the hell... since when do men ever listen to women.

    While she was distracted by the Christmas Tree, I snuck back to the ice-cream booth and whispered to the man behind the counter
    "Triple scoop, Fererro, Chocolate and Orea... Make it quick... GO GO GO!!!"

    Little did I know that my "potong stim" girlfriend soon noticed that I was missing and decided to catch me in the act with my OWN CAMERA!!! (OH THE BETRAYAL).

    What happened next is the following:

    a few seconds later
    What happened when I turned around with Lecka Lecka in my right hand was too vicious to be put up on Leng Mou?

    To cut a long story short, lets just say that I am a changed man now. My gf is a good pretty girl who cares for me and I love to follow her shoe shopping at Vincci. Not only will I follow her shopping every day for the next one week but I will also buy her all the shoes she wants.

    I am a very very bad fat man. Lecka Lecka is bad for fat men like me and it doesn't matter if it is 94.99% fat free like I used to say. I am too FAT to be eating Lecka Lecka and I should spend more time in the gym or shoe shopping with my gf.

    Sigh, all that... just for this


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