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  • Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    We Penang Drivers

    We Penang Drivers are proud people.
    Since light travels faster than sound, we believe that hand signals are more effective than the honk. For example:
    This is the same sonofabitch 2 minutes later. And the same sonofabitch 3 minutes later
    We Penang Drivers love our cars more than our women.Some more than others... Where there is food... WE SHALL PARK.

    Where there are yellow lines... WE SHALL STILL PARK.

    And where there are fire hydrants... WE SHALL MOST DEFINATELY PARK

    Annnnnd finally... we Penang Drivers... love our cheesy car stickers. PS: I blurred out the number plates of some of the traffic offenders... because I am not a bastard.


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