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  • Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Watching movies like a true economist

    I study Economics at UCL which apparently houses one of the top Economics department in the UK. But in spite of that, I recently realized that I haven't been thinking like the truth economist that I was trained to be. For example, lets start with watching movies. When you go watch a movie there are Fixed Costs and there are Variable Costs.

    Fixed Costs are fixed at a certain amount and not dependant on the number of movies you watch such as the bus ticket to the cinema and the travelling time (since time = money).

    Variable costs on the other hand increase the more you watch movies e.g. buying more movie tickets, buying more popcorn/coke or buying tissue paper if you're watching a porn movie.

    How would a true economist act? Assuming that watching more movies gives you more satisfaction, he would watch as many movies as possible for a given fixed cost right? In simple English it means... when he goes to the cinema.. he would watch as many movies as possible in one day.

    So that's what I decided to do one day with a fellow UCL economist friend of mine Alina (who is btw the nicest girl anyone would ever meet). We watched 3 movies at Vue (by far my favourite cinema in London): Brokeback Mountain, Just Friends and Underworld: Evolution (the earliest starting at 2.40pm and the latest ending at 11.15pm).

    When we went in for the first movie (Brokeback Mountain), Alina was happy .. happy happy happy... look at that smile on her face in the bus on the way there.

    and even before she starts the first movie.

    Note: She insists I mention that I was the greedy fuk who wanted to buy the big bucket of popcorn and not her.

    3 hours later, she came out still with a happy face

    and we went on to our 2nd movie. Just Friends. This time we decided that we've had enough of popcorn.. so we went for candy!!!

    she was a little less happy after the second movie

    So finally, we both went for our final movie... this time we were so sick of popcorn/candy.. all we had was mineral water. I couldn't be bothered to take the angry picture of Alina leaving our 3rd movie because I was tired... and I was also scared (and it didn't help that Underworld:Evolution was a meaningless movie).
    But I suppose this picture I took of Alina on the bus on the way home...explains how we felt after our little Economist Movie Marathon.
    Maybe its not worth being 'efficient economists' after all.


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