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  • Saturday, April 15, 2006

    William's Parkanomics :D

    This post is courtesy of one of our prominent readers and a good friend of ours William. Yes you william, I'm going to post this now. He typed the post but I gave it some minor adjustments just to try and make you laugh.

    Yes, all the measures just to make you laugh dammit........

    The government has recently announced the NAP automobile policy that had been well received by many in Malaysia. This is good news to some who basically need cars to travel around the city, as prices of new cars will be reduced slightly. The public may cheer, but in the end, the same question will arise; What has been done to curb the nightmarish traffic jams that cripples KL everyday as more and more cars and get on the road?

    Could this be a solution?

    So what? 5 lanes of federal highway? Nah not possible.......

    And what about the carparks? Carparks will be full, leading to insane antics by drivers desperately trying to park their car to carry on about their daily lives, whether it be shopping, work or trying to be a nuisance on the road at 8.30 in the morning. You see them in MidValley, 1-Utama, Sunway Pyramid, trying to find the perfect parking spot.

    The parking lot by HELP Institute(William's college) is of no exception. The parking is always full at around 10am, and still there is a car queue waiting to go in. All hell breaks loose; students driving round and round the area, often aggresively if they spot another person near their 'territory'. Many students missed class as a result of a full carpark; many resorting to use desperate measures to get to class on time, leaving them no choice but to park at whatever space they can put their car in.

    Like this one. It doesn't look close in this picture but take a look at this...

    Yup, it's that close....Just goes to show what ppl will do in times of desperation.

    The other type of parker is the 'couldn't care less' parker. These are very annoying people in which they ensure that a social cost is borne by the rest of the users of the parking lot. Take for example this one here;

    This car was just nicely parked in the middle of the line. Yes, the line separating 2 spaces. ILet me illustrate this:

    Goes to show the ambitions of the owner who wants a bigger car by practising to park it with such arrogance with this Kenari. Fortunately, someone kindly left a note to remind this person of what we think about this:

    Partly obscured by the wiper blade that was holding it; the note read :


    Finally, we have the typical Malaysian whose parking skills tells us that he paid duit kopi to get his licence. This group of people are so low in skills that they couldn't risk their lives on a side parking and would save themselves all the trouble by parking like this :

    Amazing, isn't it?

    In conclusion, I would kindly advise the Government to reconsider postponing the NAP policy until Malaysian drivers learn to drive like how normal people should drive and not like the savage drivers that we are. We don't need more inconsiderate drivers on the road; we simply just can't take it anymore.

    p.s. Boss Lepton once parked his Celica like this around 2 years ago during A levels.

    Leng Mou???


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