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  • Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    The Top 15 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

    Once again, I got something very very interesting in my e-mail a few days ago that I just had to share with all of you.

    So check it out and release some stress.

    15. Guangzhou, China

    Metro/Urban Population: 4.1 million

    14. Dubai, United Arab, Emirates
    Metro/Urban Population: 1.6 million

    13. Frankfurt, Germany
    Metro/Urban Population: 4.1 million
    12. Sydney, Australia
    Metro/Urban Population: 4.2 million

    11. Sao Paolo, Brazil

    Metro/Urban Population: 18.3 million

    10. Seoul, South Korea

    Metro/Urban Population: 20.8 million
    9. Shenzhen, China
    What was a tiny fishing village on the border of Hong Kong in 1970 is now a buzzing metropolis of over four million people. With 13 buildings at over 200 meters tall, including the Shun Hing Square (the 8th tallest building in the world), Shenzen is a marvel of lights after sunset. You can't help but ask yourself if you are in a video game or in a real city.

    Metro/Urban Population: 4.2 million
    8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    This is probably the most impressive city worldwide that has less than 2 million residents. Marvelous modern buildings reach the sky here, and while the skyline is not too dense, it does allow buildings to soar and stand out.

    Kuala Lumpur has three of the 25 tallest buildings worldwide, including the tallest twin buildings, the Pretonos Towers (which are arguably the second and third tallest overall in the world) as well as the 420 meters Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower.
    Metro/Urban Population: 1.5 million

    7. Toronto, Canada
    Toronto is a meeting place, a crossroads of many cultures and ethnicities. Toronto is downtown Canada, the biggest city in the country with a skyline to match. Toronto has 7 structures in its skyline that stand at over 200 metres, including the astonishingly tall 553 metres, CN Tower, which is often referred to as the tallest freestanding structure in the world.

    While mostly untrue (because there are taller TV masts in the world), the CN Tower possesses the world's highest observation deck, making this city's skyline one of the most immediately identifiable.
    Metro/Urban Population: 5.1 million

    6. Singapore
    One of the best (urban) planned and cleanliest metropolitan cities in the world, Singapore looks like an architectural model city come to life. The buildings cannot be higher than 280 meters due to air traffic control restrictions, but that has added a tall (but not too tall) and consistent building height and space pattern that makes this skyline unique: Three buildings are exactly 280 meters tall and 5 others (8 total) stand at just over 200 metres.

    The buildings are mostly light-coloured and there is a large expanse of greenery dotted around the city core. This South-Eastern city is definitely in a league of its own.

    Metro/Urban Population: 3.8 million

    5. Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo is the world's most populated city. Its skyline has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other big city skylines, among them 15 structures at over 200 meters tall (including the Tokyo Tower which changes colors every night). But because of the density and vast size of the city, every corner appears to have its own skyline.

    With the height restrictions and the required red lights that flash atop all mid to tall-sized buildings make the city look spectacular at night. Tokyo is filled with neon lighting and unique, contemporary architecture, and like New York City is also often portrayed in movies for its aesthetic and eye-catching cityscapes. Interesting fact: Tokyo houses the world's largest fleet of helicopters to get around town if traffic gets too crazy.
    Metro/Urban Population: 32.0 million

    4. New York City, USA
    New York City has one of the densest and most diverse skylines, with a huge collection of buildings and building styles. Thanks to Hollywood's obsession with the city, it is also the most easily recognizable skyline in the world.

    New York City has an amazing 44 buildings over 200 meters - the most in the world! Home of the famous, now destroyed World Trade Center Towers, the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations, New York City is the financial capital of the western world. Upon the completion of the new "Freedom Tower" (built on the old site of the World Trade Centers), it may rank higher in this list (depending on how good it looks of course).

    Metro/Urban Population: 21.0 million
    3. Shanghai, China
    Not to be mistaken for a space station, Shanghai is a real city! China's biggest and most advanced city, Shanghai was said to be the most cosmopolitan city in the beginning of the 20th century, but lost its glory during the "Mao era".

    It is now quickly regaining its position as one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world as well as a showcase of modern architecture. In Shanghai you'll find 18 structures that are over 200 meters tall, one of which is the insanely tall, the 468m downtown Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
    Metro/Urban Population: 13.1 million

    2. Chicago, USA
    Chicago is the birthplace of the modern skyscraper. When Chicago built its first steel high-rise in 1885, it was not the tallest structure in the world but the first example of a new form of engineering that would change nearly every city on earth.

    Chicago has 17 buildings over 200 meters tall (three of which are among the top 20 tallest buildings in the world, including the tallest in North America). Chicago has some of the finest mid-century architecture and examples of modern skyscrapers.
    Metro/Urban Population: 8.5 million

    1. PENANG, Malaysia
    Metro/Urban Population: 1.2 million

    Penang sits on an island off the coast of Malaysia and is indisputedly the most beautiful city in the world. It boasts a skyline with many newly developed buildings over 20-storeys tall and the admirable KOMTAR (Kompleks Tunku Abdul Rahman) which was the tallest building in Malaysia for many years.

    The beautiful sea backdrop and the greenery throughout the city manage to strike the perfect balance between a concrete-jungle and a rural city.
    Apart from being credited for being the most beautiful city in the world, the people of Penang are also famously known in Southeast Asia to be among the most beautiful and brightest asian people in the world.

    Boss Stewie:

    Ok I'm not just saying this just because I AM FROM PENANG, but ... how amazing is that... a Malaysian City is the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WORLD!!!

    Alright, thats the end of this post... stay tuned for more posts in the next few days...

    Ok that's it...

    I said that's it... why are you guys still reading? THATS THE END OF THIS BLOG ENTRY! Penang is NUMBER 1!!!


    ISH... not like anyone would care but the real number one is

    1. Hong Kong, China
    Hong Kong is number one on my list for many reasons: Hong Kong has whopping 39 buildings over 200 meters tall. It also boasts four of the 15 tallest buildings in the world... that's all in one city! Hong Kong's skyline shows a large selection of distinct sky-reaching towers, with beautiful night lighting and reflection. This city exemplifies the post-modern skyscraper and skyline. Finally, the mountain backdrop makes this skyline (as you can clearly see) the greatest on the planet!

    Metro/Urban Population: 6.8 million


    When people say "I AM THE RICHEST PROBLOGGER IN SINGAPORE"... ooh.. EVERYONE BELIEVES... but when Boss Stewie says Penang is the most beautiful city in the world... NOBODY BELIEVES!!!

    WHAT DA FLYING FARK IS THIS ALL ABOUT HUH?!?!!?!?!? *A(#&$(&#(*&$#&*(A$*(#&$A&*(#$&(*A#$


    • WOWWWW....impresse impress when i first saw all the building then i begin to :"wowww woww!!!
      but...as i pull down....down somomore
      i start laughing non-stop...HAHAHAHAHA....
      well,dun like that la,yes i agree penang is no 1!
      boss stewie,happy d?

      By Anonymous baby, at April 04, 2006 7:08 AM  

    • FLIP.
      you gave me a shock
      Penang no1 ??

      maybe in 2050 la...
      oh no no it's 5020 then

      By Anonymous yothemans.com, at April 04, 2006 7:22 AM  

    • wtf? tall building s = beautiful? most modern = beautiful?
      flawed methodology laaa
      if i had it my way, top three is paris, prague and kyoto lol

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 04, 2006 7:47 AM  

    • oh yah btw that was me lol

      By Blogger William, at April 04, 2006 7:53 AM  

    • Kuala Lumpur has three of the 25 tallest buildings worldwide, including the tallest twin buildings, the Pretonos Towers (which are arguably the second and third tallest overall in the world) as well as the 420 meters Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower.

      Read PRETONOS! it's PETRONAS la ddude. Call yourself a Malaysian. Tsk tsk >P

      By Blogger §pinzer, at April 04, 2006 8:11 AM  

    • my boss is clearly unhappy about this 1

      I would dispute that alor star is the most beautiful city(note that it hasn't even reach the population requirement to be called a city) just because it doesn't have any high buildings :D

      And lots of farms :D

      By Blogger Boss Lepton, at April 04, 2006 8:47 AM  

    • Nice wor.. Singapore looks very high tech and clean. China also. Still I wish to go JAPAN! Hehehe! About the best city in the world. Of course is Kajang lah! ROFL...

      By Blogger こうゆうけん, at April 04, 2006 1:25 PM  

    • China suddenly got so many cities, and beautiful somemore.
      Malaysia not too bad, still got one on list
      oh sorry, two on list, haha

      By Blogger andycjw, at April 04, 2006 2:54 PM  

    • i thot they always said the top 5 city in the world is london, paris, new york, tokyo & dunno wat..

      my personal best are ofcourse,
      1) Hong Kong
      2) Shanghai, China
      3) Singapore

      boss stewie, wat is the name of the most exp hotel in world ar? if u can answer my 1st lengz 4 u..lolz

      By Anonymous ^_^dandelion^_^, at April 04, 2006 3:05 PM  

    • kl-kl-kl
      how can penang beat kl?
      anyway, i really think it can't be hk
      what happened to tokyo, new york and paris?

      By Blogger Yuen, at April 04, 2006 5:32 PM  

    • i think the person who wrote this list is probably paid a lot by at least all of the countries on that list

      By Blogger William, at April 04, 2006 5:42 PM  

    • dandelion: most expensive hotel? that should be the Burj Al Arab no?

      tokyo and new york were in there.. i think paris doesn't have enough tall buildings to be considered... they are prob referring to skylines

      mahai suddenly now got so many more beautiful cities.. kajang, alor setar...

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at April 04, 2006 5:45 PM  

    • bs: Not necessary Burj Al Arab; it is technically the most expensive but if you were to include the many boutique hotels, then it will not even rank in the top 10. hehehe

      pretty good post. My favourite will still be sydney - incidentally my second hometown - it has the best of all world. A modern city with a magnificent skyline and a big outdoor which is just minutes away. Other cities which i have been to on the list don't even come close. hehehe.. maybe toronto might be another good city, but i haven't been, so wouldn't know.

      By Anonymous Fat4, at April 04, 2006 6:05 PM  

    • boss, london paris new york tokyo & wat ar? u know?

      i also dunno the name of the most exp hotel in the world but i know it is sumwhere in the UAE there, but anyways my 1st lengz 4 u..u c i giv u lengz even when i got swollen eyes, so u must yang yang me every day!!!wakakakakakakaka...nola, actualy im waiting 2 hv lei kar sing baby, so i can get 2 lamboginis for his twins son and a jaguar for his daugther..wuahahahahahahahahaahahaha

      By Anonymous dandelion^_^, at April 04, 2006 7:24 PM  

    • Haha... I knew it, it would be your hometown. LOL. Don't have that anticipation liao.

      Hmmm... I haven't been to any other countries, Singapore also when I was 7 years old. So, cant really say I prefer which one.

      But I like Malacca though. :D

      By Blogger Jason, at April 04, 2006 7:35 PM  

    • aye aye! tis is undeniably the most-leng post! yea, we both originated frm PENANG... so sue us! :P

      tis is really a good post, loved the skyline pics!

      By Blogger smurfette, at April 04, 2006 8:34 PM  

    • I totally <3 Singapore city. Well, plus that and Penang, that's the only place in the list I've been to.

      Lotsa tall building doesn't mean nice. Eh, I think this list have cities that look nice only if you look from the sky. Where can like that...not everybody can be on the sky weh...

      By Anonymous Chapree Da Grande, at April 04, 2006 8:44 PM  

    • best city in the world. not new york ka boss..?

      By Anonymous northpeer, at April 04, 2006 8:53 PM  

    • Alor Star Alor Star

      *chants chants*

      Alor Star Alor Star

      or Haadyai, where entertainment is at its best :D
      dun compare to amsterdam la...... haadyai much much cheaper ma

      By Blogger Boss Lepton, at April 04, 2006 9:42 PM  

    • alor star dun have red box!!!

      By Blogger William, at April 04, 2006 11:33 PM  

    • nyc's the greatest city in the world. not the best. it's a lil bit too dirty and full of people. and the subway could use a scrub-down.

      i suppose the 'best city' list would include materialistic and superficial categories in their methodology. i.e, with no regard to the city's influence on pop & world culture, economic power, mythology and much more.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 05, 2006 12:19 AM  

    • eh stewie, Penang IS number one city in the world! wahahahhahaa!

      By Blogger vincenzo, at April 05, 2006 2:02 AM  


      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at April 05, 2006 5:53 AM  

    • I've never ever thought of HK as beautiful... still don't. In fact, there's nothing beautiful about any city. Too many people, polluted and ... just... ergh

      By Anonymous bunny, at April 06, 2006 2:39 AM  

    • why melbourne dun haf?!! lol

      By Anonymous Alex, at April 06, 2006 7:39 PM  

    • *does the Triple HHH impersonation*

      SUCK IT!

      sorry wei, HK can sau pei. Penang owns.

      By Blogger vincenzo, at April 07, 2006 4:01 AM  

    • Gee....Lou Meng is just another internet rat.


      By Blogger Jim, at May 03, 2006 2:01 PM  

    • Yeah..there's is no venice, rome, paris, new york, istanbul in top 5

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 01, 2007 12:09 AM  


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 28, 2007 9:36 AM  

    • i suggest you change the title of this blog to: Crapiest! ratings made on world cities!.. then that would make sense... I dont even know where PENANG is and I dont have intentions of knowing...

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 16, 2007 5:19 AM  

    • most beautiful major cities in the world:

      San Francisco

      most spectacular skylines in the world:
      Hong Kong
      New York

      Most beautiful cities w big skylines

      San Francisco
      Hong Kong

      Most beautiful small cities
      (there are many; here’s but one)


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 17, 2008 4:33 AM  

    • have any of you guys been to Cape Town, South Africa? this is a beautiful city with great people!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 31, 2008 8:11 PM  

    • What a fun when asians make statistics. Asia takes 9 of 15 and the most beautiful city in Europe is Frankfurt??!! You must be kiddin me

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 16, 2008 7:17 AM  

    • Wow... I've been looking at lists of the most beautiful cities in the world and I keep seeing New York, Chicago, Hong Kong etc. and no cities like Prague, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Florence, etc. Towering glass skyscrapers make cities beatiful? I don't think so. It's my opinion, so respect it. I respect yours, but personally I think New York is one of the ugliest cities I've ever seen. Prague, Paris, Venice, and cities like them would most definitely be on my top 15 and the top 15 of probably millions of people.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 04, 2009 12:28 PM  

    • HAHAHA and Roma, Paris, London, Venice, Florence ????? HAHAHA

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 10, 2009 11:22 PM  

    • Barcelona!!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 26, 2009 7:00 PM  

    • Hangzhou is more beautiful than any of the cities in China on the list. Also, San Francisco is much more beautiful than New York or Chicago. In fact, I went to college in Chicago, and I can't believe it even made the list. Also, it is hard believe Frankfurt made the list but not Paris or Venice.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 17, 2009 3:33 AM  

    • You MUST be joking, Shenzhen, one of the most ugliest cites I have ever been to!, have you ever been to these cities? I imagine not! The only 2 cites that ate worth mentioning is Sydney and Hong Kong (with out the ugly smog). Sao Paolo, Brazil is on the list but not Rio which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! This list of 15 belongs down a smelly Chinese toilet!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 23, 2010 2:56 PM  

    • http://www.bestourism.com/bests/best/18?title=The-most-beautiful-cities-in-China
      Here for China :)
      Bye dear.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 01, 2010 8:52 PM  

    • Where is Venice, Rome, Florence? you don't know the meaning of "beautiful" looking at your selection...

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 04, 2011 9:06 PM  

    • You've obviously never been to Penang!
      Potential, yes. Beautiful, no :)

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 01, 2012 11:27 PM  

    • Wow Penang looks exactly like Manila :P

      By Anonymous Tinapay, at June 27, 2012 9:51 PM  

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