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  • Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    The UKEC Careers Fair

    For the past 2 and a half years that I've been studying in the UK, I've always known UKEC for being the organisation that did nothing except hold annual elections to elect a new committee each year that would once again do nothing.

    Tip: UKEC is a student organisation in the UK by and for Malaysian students.

    And to my knowledge, that was all true, they really DID NOTHING. So last year when I was told a new and capable committee was taking over the society... I thought it was going to be again another redundant year for the organisation.

    But I was wrong.

    UKEC this year had been organising many events and doing many many things that I shamefully never attended.

    However, just a few days ago Boss Lepton and I decided to pay a visit to a little careers fair they held at UCL (University College London) which included representatives from companies like KPMG, BAT and CIMB.
    (Pic Info: My baby and I outside UCL on the day of the fair)

    Yes, we were impressed. The event was crowded with people.It was very obvious to us how well planned the event was and how hard the UKEC people worked before and even during the event to ensure its success.

    (Did I mention that the organisers running around planning the event were all extremely helpful and friendly in spite of their busy schedules?)

    Unfortunately I don't personally know any of the people behind UKEC except for my friend Tock so I leave it to him to tell everyone else what a great job I think they've done.
    Kudos to the current UKEC committee.

    To arrange a date please call 1-800-TOCK-THE-COCK.
    *local call charges may apply*

    In the mean time, Boss Lepton and I took the opportunity to steal many freebies and hand out our CVs to many of the companies there.

    And since we're on the subject of passing CVs around, attached below is a text version of Boss Stewie's CV. Call me if got job for Boss Stewie ok? Thank you thank you.

    Boss Stewie's CV

    First name: Boss
    Last name: Stewie
    Full name: Boss Stewie (Duh?)
    D.O.B.: 8/8/1984

    Contact Number:
    755-2525 or 1-800-BOSS-STEWIE-2-U

    21 Jalan Itik Sedap,
    10290 Pulau Pinang,

    Work Experience

    June 2003-August 2003 at Hisap Kotek Production Company

    Assisted in the production of 5-star porn movie "Fellowship of the Kotek Ring". Was given essential job of the "pek pek light holder" where I perfected the skill of keeping the hand steady while holding a light pointed at a spot.

    June 2004-August 2004 at Ah Lian Modelling Co.

    Acted as one of the 'hamsap' guys who are paid to pretend to be very attracted to the very fugly models at the model show. Succeeded in boosting the models' confidence and making them think more that the world revolves around them.


    University of Entau Bah London, BA Business Management

    BUY ONE "A" FREE ONE "A" College, A-levels with subjects:
    Buttock Kissing (Grade A), Tokking Kok (Grade A), Tokking Sense (Grade E)

    Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ham Sap

    SPM (15 subjects)

    Bahasa England - C6
    Bahasa Malaysia - C6
    Mathematik - C6
    Matematik Tambahan - C6
    Biologi - C6
    Kimia - C6
    Fizik - C6
    Sejarah - C6
    Geografi - C6
    Pendidikan Seni - C6
    Sains Am - C6
    Perdagangan - C6
    Economics - C6
    Prinsip Akaun - C6
    Pendidikan Moral - A1

    Positions of Responsibility

    President of the Mai Hagiwara Fan Club in secondary school and the Kelab "20-inchi lebih".

    Interests and Activites

    Roast-duck, fu chuk, bak kut teh.

    2nd Runner-up for the Roast Duck Eating Marathon 2005 sponsored by Four Seasons, Bayswater London.

    I used to play 12 hours of Counterstrike a day in my teens. Playing Counterstrike helped sharpen my micro-management, social and foul language cursing skills.

    Fluent in Duck and Bullshit. Conversational command of English.


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