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  • Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Karaoke with my Hong Kong friends

    Since my Boss (Lepton) has been so hard on me by giving me so few lengs, I have decided to annoy him.

    If there is one thing that annoys my boss... it is not being able to Karaoke at his little jungle that they call a university.

    Less than a week ago, my baby and I, along with some of my Hong Kong friends went for a fun fun fun Karaoke session here in London. But after singing our usual songs, I begged them to sing one song for me... and they did.

    Watch the video. (A bit dark.. but its the singing that counts right? Not the leng luis on the right... right? right?)

    Yes yes... you CAN'T go Karaoke with Hong Kong people WITHOUT singing this song can we???


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