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  • Wednesday, March 08, 2006


    Yes, it is time again for Boss Stewie to go for a little R&R. So from tomorrow till Saturday, Boss Stewie will be bringing his baby to see the Eiffel Tower at Paris

    and of course, Paris Disneyland!

    We're all packed.

    Even my little "Saya Anak Malaysia" t-shirt that a friend bought for me once is coming along for the trip. I like going to foreign countries wearing my T-Shirt with the Malaysian flag on it telling everyone that I am Malaysian!
    When travelling, some people prefer to look less touristy... but Boss Stewie loves to look as touristy as he can!

    If I had my way... I would wear a hat, sling a camera around my neck and carry a huge bottle of water just like this.

    And I take pride in standing in the middle of a road junction holding a huge map trying to figure out where the fuk I am.

    Of course... my baby disagrees! She wasn't happy that I decided to bring my little T-shirt, saying that it is more than 4 years old and is as baggy as Mc Hammer's pants.
    BUT... I'm still gonna quietly sneak it in our bag, and though it may not particularly suit my way of dressing... I'll find a way to make it look REAL GOOD along with my pair of Topman blagger jeans, because I am a proud prouddddd Malaysian!

    So the question is... how do I get this

    into that
    without my girlfriend knowing... HMMmmm....

    Anyway, in these few days that I'll be gone for... Boss Lepton would have finished his exams and is probably going to make a post or two. I've seen the title of one of them in the making... and it looks very very interesting...

    See you guys!


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