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  • Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Forced Retail Therapy

    Now there comes a point in every man's relationship where he has to follow his girlfriend shopping until his wallet is emptied or shops close (the former normally happens before the latter).
    We at Leng Mou? like to call this "National Service", because it is NOT an option...
    So a few days ago, I went through my usual NS with my baby.

    While my baby spent money on nice trendy clothes, the little teenager inside me fell for the temptation to buy shirts like this


    and finally... this
    If you look closely at the last shirt... it says
    "If you cannot read Chinese, please tilt your head to the right"

    So if you followed the instruction... you would see this
    Ahh yes... Boss Stewie.. the 21 year old man who just REFUSES to grow up!


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