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  • Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Donating to the Rich

    Forbes claims that the collective net worth of the world's 691 billionaires is $2.2 trillion. What that loosely implies that... the richest people in the world live in houses like these.

    While the poorest people in the world live either on the streets... or in huts like these.

    That also means that the USD 99.5 million Roman Abramovich paid to buy his latest new 'toy' (the Chelsea Football Club), could probably feed the entire Penang Island for weeks.

    Which brings us to the question of... are the rich of today rich enough...? And the answer is...


    They're not rich enough until they're buying countries with their money instead of football clubs.

    That's why many Malaysians and Singaporeans always find the urge to donate to Uncle Lim at Genting every now and then. Boss Stewie feels the same.

    Unfortunately, there is no Genting here in London so Boss Stewie had to go donate to the other rich casino license holders here in London.

    Last week, that lucky casino was Hard Rock Casino in Leicester Square.

    I went prepared to donate GBP 20 (approx. RM140) to the rich but after more than an hour of roulette, I couldn't seem to lose it.

    So, under the pressure from my friends and my gf I took my winnings of GBP 80 (approx RM560) and went home.

    The next day, my gf and I went on a spending spree. We had the most expensive hot chocolate we have ever had costing RM28 per cup,
    the most expensive PEANUT BUTTER BANANA milkshake we have ever had costing about (RM20 per glass if i remember correctly)
    and we went on to buy the most expensive chocolates that we could find at La Maison Du Chocolat.

    Yes, everything inside that chocolate shop was classy, even the wrapping and the paper bag you leave with is similar to those you would get if you were to buy a handbag at Gucci.

    We paid GBP18++ (or approximately RM122.4) for this small little box of chocolates.

    That works out to be about 65p (RM4.42) for each of these little pieces.

    Was it worth the money?

    Well each and every one of those pieces gave my tongue an orgasm the minute they melted in my mouth. But its a little expensive to be buying it on my own pocket money. So... thank Hard Rock for the chocolate sponsorship.

    Ahhh... life is good when the rich takes pity and donates back to you.


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