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  • Saturday, February 25, 2006

    What's so wrong about Boss Stewie's driving?

    I was just looking through some of my photos taken last December while I was back in Malaysia and I happened to come across a little video I never knew existed.

    I was driving around in KL with a couple of my KL buddies and the one in the back seat decided to take this little short video of my little driving experience.

    The one driving on the right in the video is Boss Stewie and the one on the left is one of Boss Stewie's buddies: Thean

    Just in case any of you didn't catch what he said, I shall include a transcript of the short video.

    Thean: U-turn lar mahai....
    Thean: U-turn already lah!
    Thean: U-TURN ALREADY LAR@(*$#@*&(&#$*($*&(#$@#(AND THEN HE SAID IT) PENANG DRIVER AIIIEEEEEEEE HAAAAAA AHHH HAAAA#%%##*)($)*(#$#$ DON'T KILL ME*(@*&(&(*@#*(@#

    Boss Stewie: U-turn lar U-turn lar oklar U-turn lar diuu...

    It hurts.. It JUST HURTS because I've been driving for more than 4 years and everyone in KL including my own friends are biased against the Penang driver :(

    What's wrong with us Penang drivers apart from this---> Click here


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