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  • Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Guys' game

    Well I logged into lengmoublog@yahoomail.com and was surprised to see only 1 "WHAT THE FARK LA BOSS LEPTON". And after that a few more on the website so i guess you guys don't hate me that much after all right? Well, at least at least not to the point of doing this right?

    Well this is something I've read from somewhere a long long while ago. So guys, as you read along please picture yourself in the following kind of situation and think whether what I'm proposing is true.

    As for girls, in case one day you wanna be a guy, please bear in mind the following "unspoken" rule for going into a male toilet.

    Here goes...........

    Now imagine yourself shopping in a busy place like Midvalley, you drink your pearl milk tea, eat your lecka-lecka, hold your girlfriend's hand, constantly sweeping your hair backwards so that you look cool when you're not etc etc. All of a sudden, nature gives you a call, telling you that you need to dispose some liquid. When you rush to the toilet, you observe that there are 5 urinals free for you to use. Naturally, you would choose to go to the 1st or last, depending on whether you're "brave" or "shy".

    Now here is where it gets interesting. Suppose that there is already someone at the 1st or last urinal, your reaction will be

    Never noticed? But you would do that without even having to think, it's a guys' game. The game continues with another guy arriving, he would go to the last 1 on the far far end.

    The next 2 persons then has no choice but to fill in the gap.

    Interesting isn't it? Now what if........... I say what if a lady walked in, I would expect the situation to be more or less like this

    This is a guys' game as well, but it is essentially of another form, which I will explain in detail if you continue reading. I would like to explain that the above case might be a bad thing as potrait below.

    Interesting eh?

    Read on ONLY if you're really interested in what Boss Lepton thinks and if you have sufficient economics background(kidding you'll still understand, I hope). It's gonna be long, you have been WARNED.

    Now here is the part which I find more interesting. Remeber the movie "A Beautiful Mind"? Remember Russell Crowe as John Nash? Well, in that movie he got his inspiration of an equilibrium from a girl walking into a bar right? Oh btw, that is a very very wrong misconception of him having to realise the Nash equilibrium. He actually got the inspiration from John von Neumann who is a pioneer in Game Theory.

    Enough about that, in the Guys' Game(Boss Lepton Copyrighted), Boss Lepton claims that a guys' game is an essential part of game theory not yet explored. If you wait long enough and Boss Lepton is at the very least fundamentally right about this, you might see somebody publishing this result in some economics journal, no joke. It doesn't make sense rationally or economically but that's social science for you.

    The application for the Guys' game roots to places where even you wouldn't think of unless you're in it yourself. For example, it happens in prostitution houses, it happens in voting booth, it happens in exams, it happens when you are buying a condom. Ok, you might argue that it only happens to awkward or secretive situations.

    Consider this, even when you're after a girl, say you know that there is another guy after this same girl, somehow there is an unspoken rule that you and that guy shouldn't meet unless absolutely necessary, i.e. in the case of the 4th and 5th person going into the toilet illustrated above.

    Also, let's say that there are a lot of developers in a city. Along comes a proposal from the government that says that there is a plot of land for sale in a swampy area(or any really bad location). The developers will swamp to get the contract 1st without even thinking about the consequences because it is the ONLY land available, no matter how unattractive it is. This situation is quite reasonable when you think of it, if you were a developer, you would want to get the only land available, and then think of how to exploit it after you get it. Notice that the assumption only is very important here. Just like the only girl in the toilet.

    Somehow this interaction between the male species is seldom discussed or even noticed. Everybody just takes it for granted.

    So here is the hypothesis Boss Lepton come up with:

    1. Guys tend to segregate from each other unless absolutely necessary.

    2. Guys will be attracted to the only girl in a confined area even though the girl is not hot.


    If you think my claim is interesting here is an exercise for you. Think about the complement of guys, i.e. girls. Think about how girls interact and you might find yourself inside a Girls' game, where it is a totally opposite of the guys' game, as it seems the female species stick together more often.

    Well, just my thoughts. Comments needed.

    p.s. Haih, if you wonder why I take so long to post, I have to think of quality posts for all of you right?


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